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     Cari Doutre brings to The Valley Headliner -, 20 years of experience as a journalist. She spent 18 years working for the Leader newspaper in Tremonton as a reporter/editor/graphic designer before she left in October 2019 to pursue a new adventure.

      Brian isn't an expert on anything even if he has an opinion about everything. "Don't Ask Brian" focuses on getting things done, life in the 80s, exciting hobbies like bird watching and disc golfing, childhood stories, poor decision making...a real, but kind of hard-to-chew, feast.

       "I'm a mother of three and have always had a passion for writing. Combining the two usually makes for a fun read and gives some insight into my beautiful chaos.

     "Jots by Jess" will be about a variety of things, but mostly motherhood, which is the toughest hood I know. Regardless of the topic hopefully it will be relatable and can brighten your day!"

        "I'm a wife and a mother with depression and a warped sense of humor. I have a little bit of ADD wandering around inside my head as well. The ADD portion keeps me bouncing around from one subject to another so it's best not to expect consistency from me."

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