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BOX ELDER COUNTY FAIR - "Pee-Wee Lamb Show is dressed up for success - and fun!"

TREMONTON - August 27, 2021

2021 Pee-Wee Lamb Show, August 27, 2021 - Photo by Ellen Cook's coverage of the 2021 Box Elder County Fair's Pee-Wee Lamb Show is sponsored by Coldwell Banker Tugaw Realtors. Thank you for supporting local journalism and businesses in the Bear River Valley!

The Pee Wee Lamb Class is always a big hit with fairgoers and this year was no exception. Everything from mermaids to mutton busters filled the show arena. Announcer Rich Holmgren got up close and interviewed each lamb leader, while the audience laughed and applauded.

The judges had a tough time choosing, but in the end, all the youngsters were winners, thanks to the following generous sponsors: Bear River Valley Co-op (Zach Davis), IFA (Jeni Aiken) and Ashley Wright Photography.

Photos by Ellen Cook


Most Outstanding:

First – Paizlyn Johnson, Jen Johnson (Milker and milk cow)

Second – Ole Madsen, Jake and Same Madsen (Eat More Chicken)

Third – Case Bingham, Rusty and Linsay Bingham (Fireman and burning house)

Fourth – Finn, Melissa Heil (Storm Trooper)

Most Creative:

First – Kolt Bingham, Lorin and Lacy Bingham (Jockey and Sea Biscuit)

Second – McCrae Jensen and Claire Tanner, Shelbie Jensen and Maddy Tanner (Making S’mores)

Third – Michael Judkins, Jake and Alexis Judkins (Astronaut and Space Shuttle)

Fourth – Karly Esplin and Bryce Pett, Kelly Esplin (Witches and cauldron)

Most Original:

First – Junie Smith, Bryant and Brielle Smith (Circus performer)

Second – Hadlee Talbot, Ryan and Stacie Talbot (Cruella and Dalmatian)

Third – Georgia Fawcett, Bryan Fawcett (Belle and the Beast)

Fourth – Milo and Livvy Clark, Travis and Susan Clark (Cruella and Jasper)


Most Outstanding:

First – Broc Beers, Rachel (Broccoli, carrots and cauliflower)

Second – Clancy and Caleb Hill, Barbie Hill (Bareback rider and clown)

Third – Maitzie Pali, Mitch and Morgan Pali (Mermaid and shark)

Fourth – Russell Holdaway, Caleb and Kristine Holdaway (Superman)

Most Creative:

First – Emma Madsen, Jake and Sam Madsen (Beach bums)

Second – Maccnaly Pali, Mitch and Morgan Pali (Hulk)

Third – Wakely Wright, Trever and Ashley Wright (Lamb farrier)

Fourth – Riggs Blackner. Darcy Jensen, Mutton Buster

Fifth – Freddy Mabrey, Rick and Allannon Mabrey, Darth Vader

Most Original:

First – Jada Christensen, Alison Christensen (Used lamb saleman)

Second – Boztyn Johnson, Jen Johnson (Hurt Sheep Owner)

Third – Baylor and Taylie Bingham, Bryan and Michelle Bingham (Johnny Cash and June’s One Piece at a Time car)

Fourth – Rees Bingham, Dallan and Timari Bingham (Space Cowboy)

Fifth – Bekka Esplin, Kelly Esplin (Little Mermaid and Clamb)


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