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BOX ELDER COUNTY FAIR - "Sharing the Magic: Saturday, August 28"

TREMONTON - August 28, 2021

The final day, the last hurrah! The auction was lively and the animals brought in good money for the exhibitors, thanks to the generous bids of so many family members, friends and businesses.

A highlight of the auction was the recreation of the fair book cover, painted by the late Lori Nicholas in 2002. Only one cast member was missing from the picture, the late Ben Tanaka. The rest, Arthur Douglas, Sid Gibbs, Marta Earl, Rich Holmgren and Ray Sorensen all posed for the camera and then took a few minutes to again help make the auction roll. Kinley Phillips portrayed the lamb exhibitor. Sorenson, who read exhibitors' names in the past, had the opportunity to read off a name very personal to him, that of Hayden Buttars, his great-grandson.

Auction chairman, Chubb Munns, said of the unique event: We are very grateful to the Nicholas family for letting us use the picture that she painted. Marta's been with us for years, Richie's been with us for years, Ray's been here forever. Arthur and Sid are with us. What a tradition we have here at the Box Elder County Fair. This is what we built this auction off of is tradition, family, friends all coming together."

This image is subject to copyright laws and regulations "The Soft Sell," a painting by Lori Nicholas

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Photos by Ellen Cook -

A moment of panic gripped the county commissioners (and a few others) when the fairgrounds lost water but Tremonton City had it restored in short order, much to everyone's relief!

The auction luncheon filled the bellies of all those who filled the stands. The rides, the food, the entertainment, as well as meeting old friends and making new ones made for a great Box Elder County Fair in 2021 - It WAS magical!


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