BRHS SPORTS - "Bear River Student Athletes of the Month - Sept. 2019 to Feb. 2020"

BEAR RIVER HIGH - March 3, 2020

Bear River Student Athlete of the Month is a recognition and scholarship program for students that represent our school and community in an exceptional way via exceptional sport performance, maintaining a great GPA, demonstrate leadership qualities and conduct themselves as a respectable person inside and outside our community.

Recognizing that these students are the future of our community and our future work force, some of the local business owners have joined together to fund the Athlete of the Month Scholarship Program. The honored student of the month is selected by Van Park and the coach. The students are then presented with a $200 mini scholarship donated by the sponsors.

At the end of the year each monthly winner will be required to submit an essay explaining why they should receive the scholarship. The essays are then reviewed and voted upon by the sponsors with the student’s identity remaining anonymous. All of the monthly winners are invited to a banquet where the overall scholarship recipients will be awarded. Both a male and female winner will receive a $2,000 cash scholarship.

SEPTEMBER 2019: Dallon Schultz & Macy Newman

Dallon Schultz

Macy Newman

“Dallon Schultz was a constant leader on and off the golf course this year. Whether it was good or bad he had a smile on his face. He always kept practice light by making everyone laugh. He was a great role model for the younger players to look up to this year!”

- Devin Kidman Head Boys Golf Coach Bear River High School

“Dallon is one of those students that just quietly goes through his day being a great success in everything he does. In addition to being an integral part of this years’ golf team he is a great student, as is shown by his 4.0 GPA, while taking a full load of high level classes. He is also a member of the track team where he is actually one of the top sprinters not only on our team but in the entire state.

Even though I never had the opportunity to teach Dallon I have watched him and have noticed that he always has a smile on his face and is always so kind and respectful to everyone. Thanks for being such a great example of what we want from our student athletes. Best of luck in all you do in the future. With your personality and work ethic you will be a great success.”

-Van Park Athletic Director Bear River High School

“It has been a privilege to coach Macy the past two seasons. She is a lovely young woman with a ton of energy. Macy is a natural leader and has an innate desire to achieve and to motivate. I expect my varsity players to be motivated as well as motivating to the rest of the team. Macy certainly has those qualities. She has a passion for sports and is naturally competitive. These qualities show in how she plays. She gives it her all throughout her entire match and never lets up. I love that about her.

Macy is a great example of sportsmanship and selfless character. When she wins she is not boastful. When she loses, she is always able to quickly pick herself up and put on a positive air for the rest of her team rather than spend valuable time in self-pity. A positive, upbeat attitude like hers is so needed on a sports team.

She is also able to learn things from every match, whether she wins or loses, that will help her in her next match. She is always willing to listen to feedback and make the changes she needs to in order to improve. Some of what she has learned has been truly inspiring to me and has made me a better person for having heard it.

All of these attributes will aid Macy later in life to be the best she can be in all she does. I am eager to see the caliber of woman she becomes. She is a light in a darkened world and will likely be a powerful influence for good in the lives of those she touches.”

-Robert Epling

Head Girls Tennis Coach

Bear River High School

“I had the privilege of teaching Macy in Health her sophomore year and I continued to observe her as athletic director for four years and have been impressed with so many things about Macy. One of her many great qualities that I noticed right off was just how hard she always works no matter what she is doing. This is why she qualified to play at the state tournament this past week and why she has a 4.0 GPA and why she will be a great success throughout her life.

In addition to this I have always been so impressed with how she is kind and friendly to everyone she comes in contact with. I would say Macy is a perfect example of what we like in our student athletes. She is very competitive but always respectful with no contempt. Macy always has a smile on her face and seems happy. I would have to think it is because she exemplifies what makes someone successful and that is the satisfaction of knowing that you have done the very best that you can and have treated people how you would want to be treated.

Thanks, Macy for being an example to me and others of what it takes to be happy and successful! I wish you the very best in your future!”

-Van Park Athletic Director Bear River High School

OCTOBER 2019: Abbie Fuhriman & Kourtlan Rasmussen

Abbie Fuhriman

Kourtlan Rasmussen

“Let me just start off by saying a write up of Abbie just isn’t going to do her justice. Abbie Fuhriman is a model for all females on and off the field. She contributes with hard work and a never quit or give up attitude. She is always positive and uplifting. You ask her to do something and she is so willing to take of the task.

Her “I got this” attitude will take her far in life. The only thing I know that holds Abbie back from accomplishing her goal or what is asked of her is time. Words that describe Abbie are Enthusiastic, Determined, Self-Disciplined, Passionate, Lively, Energetic, Exuberant, and the list can go on and on.

I know her teammates think the world of her! All for good reasons. Her toughest things in life will be that not everything can be accomplished only because we cannot be perfect. As a coach the toughest thing for me was knowing that she wants to participate but because of self-sustained injuries, probably from overworking herself, kept her from playing. I honestly can’t say enough about this wonderful young lady!”

-Jesse Esquivel Head Girls’ Soccer Coach Bear River High School

“I have had the privilege of teaching Abbie in Health class her sophomore year as well as having the opportunity to have her come to my basketball camps when she was younger. I have continued to observe her as athletic director for four years and have been impressed with so many things about Abbie. One of her many great qualities that I noticed right off was just how hard she always works no matter what she is doing. Let me add she does everything. She does cross country alongside girls’ soccer, she does girls’ basketball and is a top distant runner in track. She also is a member of the student council! Whew! I am exhausted just thinking about it.