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BRHS SPORTS - "How basketball shaped Bear River's Mark Huber on and off the court"

BEAR RIVER HIGH - By Jarett Theurer - Jan. 28, 2020

In the world of sports, enough can rarely be said about the influence a game can have. For Bear River High senior, Mark Huber, that is just the case. For Huber, basketball is more than a game, it has made him the person he is today, and has provided him the chance to be an influence on people around him.

Huber’s storied basketball career began in his youth with competitive games beginning at the age of seven. Basketball has always been his first true love.

“I used to play football and a little bit of golf on the side,” said Huber. “But basketball’s

always been my favorite.”

Through years of dedication and practice, Huber’s dream of being a varsity starter was realized his freshman year. Now as a senior, Huber smiles at the memories he made only a few years ago.

“It was fun. That was something I’d always wanted to do, and I wasn’t sure if I was good enough to start. But I really just worked hard and things worked out,” said Huber.

“I was able to earn my spot. I look back now and watch films of a little scrawny kid, but it was a blast and some good memories,” he added.

Now, after adding a few more years of experience, Huber has grown into much more than a “scrawny kid,” becoming one of the core leaders for the 2019-2020 Bears team.

“Mark is a great leader for this team. What makes him such a great leader is his toughness on the court,” said Bears’ Head Coach Reggie Shaw.

“I can ask him to guard any position on the court and he will go do it. He’s always willing to take on any challenge that I give him. That kind of attitude has been contagious for our team,” added Shaw.

Huber’s hard work didn’t cease as a freshman and he’s never been satisfied with simply a starting spot on the roster. His dedication to the sport has led him to a 4-year starter. His contributions to his teams have led him to state final games and plenty of personal accolades.

However, with all that he has accomplished, Huber remains humble by remembering his parents, who are his biggest supporters.

“They’re really supportive. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy going to tournaments and playing games. They’re always on me to act the right way and to treat other people right. They are just really supportive and I’m really appreciative of that,” he said.

When asked who has had the biggest influence on his basketball career, Huber accredits his skills to many different people, but most of all, his father.

“He’s taught me everything I know,” Huber continued. “From the fundamentals to small stuff about the game. I love talking to him because he has so much insight and I owe it to him because he’s taught me basically everything.”

With so much effort put into the game of basketball, Huber doesn’t miss opportunities to enjoy the game as well. A big fan of the Utah Jazz, the Bears’ point guard resembles that of one of his own childhood heroes, Hall of Famer John Stockton.

When asked about his pregame routine, Huber laughs at the simplicity of his preparation. Light naps, Subway sandwiches, and 80’s rock music all factor into the senior’s pregame prep. The game remains fun to him as he relishes the time he has had at Bear River High.

“Playing in high school has been awesome. The atmosphere of playing for your school and for your town. There’s nothing better than going out and playing on a Friday night when the band is playing, and the student section has all come out. The atmosphere and the camaraderie of it all has been awesome and it has been a really fun ride these past couple of years,” Huber said.

With all the enjoyment that Huber has found playing basketball, he also recognizes the life-long impacts that playing basketball will have as he moves forward.

“I’ve never always been the most talented player with all this natural ability. But the one thing I think I have done is practiced and worked really hard,” Huber explained.

“I think that can apply to anything you try to do. You can do it if you just put forth the time and the effort. I think that’s a big thing that basketball has taught me,” he added.

When asked about his teammates and the influence they have had on him, Huber had nothing but high praises for the friends who share the same uniform.

“We have a really fun group. Ren and Logan, the other two seniors, they are two good dudes. We have always played together and for a really long time have been on the same team. I really love everyone. I haven’t played around everyone too much but it’s been great to be around them and get to know them this year,” said Huber.

Shaw expounded more on his team by adding, “This has been a fun team of kids to coach this year. I think what makes this team special is their ability to grow after every game. This is a team that is not content and wants to continue to improve after wins as much as after losses.”

Huber’s work ethic, friendship, and leadership have been an influence on this Bear River High program for the past four years. His efforts have rewarded him with scholarship offers to continue his basketball career which he hopes to pursue.

Huber hopes to have a similar influence on others, as the game of basketball has had on him. Huber is a resident of Garland and he is the son of Gary and Denise.


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