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BRHS SPORTS - "Student Athletes of the Month - April 2020"


Bear River Student Athlete of the Month is a recognition and scholarship program for students that represent our school and community in an exceptional way via exceptional sport performance, maintaining a great GPA, demonstrate leadership qualities and conduct themselves as a respectable person inside and outside our community.

Recognizing that these students are the future of our community and our future work force, some of the local business owners have joined together to fund the Athlete of the Month Scholarship Program. The honored student of the month is selected by Van Park and the coach. The students are then presented with a $200 mini scholarship donated by the sponsors.

At the end of the year each monthly winner will be required to submit an essay explaining why they should receive the scholarship. The essays are then reviewed and voted upon by the sponsors with the student’s identity remaining anonymous. All of the monthly winners are invited to a banquet where the overall scholarship recipients will be awarded. Both a male and female winner will receive a $2,000 cash scholarship.


“The first time I saw Malaiyah run was on a soccer field when she was in 8th grade, competing against my kids. As I watched her outrun most the boys on the field I knew I had to get her on the track team. I was able to talk her into coming out for the city youth track team, where she made it to state in every event she ran. Things have only gotten better for Malaiyah since then. She has ran in state track every year since.

I can’t think of an athlete that has worked harder than her to achieve the goals she has set out for herself. She is a pure sprinter at heart, full of life and energy, and no matter what is never happy with fast enough. Even when she has run a PR she is immediately wondering what she can fix to run faster next time. She is the type of athlete I spend more time trying to get her to recover and rest than to train.

She is very determined and lets nothing get in the way of her goals. At the same time she doesn’t take life to serious, she is able to have fun and still be one of the fastest girls in the state. She is a great example of the type of athlete I love to build my team around. She is very competitive, but still takes the time to make all the new girls on the team feel welcome. I’m also pretty sure no one has ever danced at practice more than she does, I think it is her secret recovery strategy.

Malaiyah is an absolute joy to have on the team, and will be missed once she graduates and moves on to bigger and better things. Which I know she will because of her work ethic and determination.”

- Chad Hurst, Head Track Coach, Bear River High School

“Malaiyah is someone I have admired since having her in my Health class as a sophomore. She was a great student, but never did I see her come to class without a smile on her face. She always got right to work and even if I wasn’t funny she would humor me with a laugh or a smile. Ever since she was in my class whenever I pass her in the hall she always take the time to smile and say hi!

Malaiyah is such a well-rounded student. Not only has she taken many upper division classes while participating in soccer, basketball and track but she is also a member of our orchestra. I have observed her on many occasions during the off season working to improve her speed so I can only imagine how much she has worked when I haven’t seen her.

She definitely has learned an attribute of success that many in our society have forgotten and that is the importance of hard work in the equation of success. I agree with her coach when he says, she will move on to bigger and better things because of her determination and work ethic.

Thanks, Malaiyah for being an inspiration to me and for being such a positive influence on so many! I wish you all the best in your future.”

- Van Park, Athletic Director, Bear River High School


“Klayson started competing in track his freshman year. By the end of that season he had become the fastest freshman in the 200m and 400m in the entire state. That success and speed has continued, he has just continued to get stronger and faster. He decided to try hurdles last year, and in true Klayson fashion started off in the top of the field. He improved every time he raced them and by state was able to take 3rd overall in the 110m.

Klayson’s attitude is something that sets him apart from most, he is very determined to meet his goals, but is able to not take things to serious. He works as hard as anyone, but always makes sure to have some fun while doing it. I have seen this pay off many times in races where things definitely don’t go as planned for him, but he just continues on as if not even phased. Most of the time coming off the track joking about how it went.

Even when things have gone completely wrong, and he comes off upset, it doesn’t last long, he bounces right back, and is in go mode by the next race. It’s his ability to not focus on the bad, and positive attitude sets him up for great things in life.”

- Chad Hurst, Head Track Coach, Bear River High School

“One of my first memories of Klayson was when he first walked into my Health class as a sophomore. We had more students than I had tables in my classroom, and he was genuinely willing to volunteer to just sit in a chair I had brought in. He always did exceptional work and always came to class with a great attitude.

In addition to extremely talented when I think of Klayson I think of words like adaptable, persevere, and good attitude. I have observed on various occasions Klayson dealing with difficult situations in a very mature and positive manner. In fact, you would never know by just looking at him or talking to him that he is ever in a bad mood or stressed. He always presents himself in a very friendly, positive and upbeat manner.

With Klayson’s attitude and ability to make the best of his situation I look forward to seeing Klayson do so many great things in his life. Thanks, Klayson for always being so kind and respectful to me and showing me the importance of always having a great attitude. I wish you all the best in your future!”

- Van Park, Athletic Director, Bear River High School


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