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NEWS - "Canal company cuts water flow"

TREMONTON - By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist - July 15, 2021

As the drought continues to impact Box Elder County, the Bear River Canal Company has informed Tremonton City that they will again be reducing their flow of water by another 15 percent beginning Monday, July 19, for a total reduction of 25 percent.

Beginning on Monday the pressurized irrigation system water delivered to Tremonton with be shut down from 1 p.m. on Monday until 8 a.m. on Wednesday. The shutdown will continue each week through the remaining irrigation season or until drought conditions improve.

This is the second reduction by the canal company in recent months. In June, the usage was cut back 10 percent, or 19 hours weekly.

Mayor Roger Fridal and the Tremonton City Council are asking residents and all water users to comply with outdoor water requirements in order to have that 25 percent reduction, as requested on the city’s website. “Our wish is for a true 25 percent reduction not just change the days we water and not reduce our usage. This will ensure that our water resources are not stressed beyond capacity during this drought, because, as you can imagine, the Tremonton City springs and wells are showing signs of reduced flows because of the lack of moisture…over the past couple of years.”

A lawn can survive on a twice weekly watering schedule but may go dormant. It will return to normal as moisture returns and temperatures go down. Flowers, shrubs and younger trees may require more frequent watering.


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