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NEWS - "Changes to Utah speeding laws: 105 MPH, you will pay"

Updated: May 14, 2022

BOX ELDER COUNTY - May 13, 2022

By UHP Lt. Bryce Kohler - Special to The Valley Headliner -

Since the pandemic began, excessive speeds on our roads have become a big problem. If you have driven on the interstate, you have observed this for yourself.

In 2018 there were 3,300 citations issued for speeds over 100 mph. In 2019, 3,700 citations were issued. In 2020, citations jumped to 5,100. In 2021 4,700 citations were issued. Currently in 2022 over 2,000 citations have been issued. These excessive speeds have caused numerous crashes and have hurt or killed many people. With increased speeds there is a greater risk to injury and death.

To help combat the excessive speeds on our roadways, the Utah State Legislature passed Senate Bill 53 during the 2022 legislative session. Effective May 4, of this year, the reckless driving statute was amended to include speeding of 105 mph and greater, or three traffic violations in a single episode under three miles. These both constitute a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property according to the new law.

Officers will now have the discretion of issuing a citation for either speeding or reckless driving for speeds of 105 mph and greater (a Class B Misdemeanor) but will not issue a citation for both. The law also changes the fine amounts for speeding citations of 100 mph or more. The court shall impose a fine of no less than 150 percent of the suggested fine.

Please Slow Down! We want you to make it to your destinations safely without endangering yourself or others. If you won’t slow down for safety, please slow down because the fines will be greater and will impact your motor vehicle insurance rates.

If you see these excessive speeds or reckless driving, please dial 911 and let the dispatchers know so we can get them stopped.

The Utah Highway Patrol will be out enforcing the speeding laws. Troopers have been given the discretion to issue citations for reckless driving as they see fit.

Safe driving!


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