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COLUMN - From the Publisher: "Allow me to clarify a few things..."

By Cari Doutre - September 9, 2020

The most common misconception the community has about The Valley Headliner - is that we are owned and operated by another local news source – the Leader newspaper in Tremonton.

To put it in legal terms… “ is not affiliated, associated, maintained by, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the Leader or its owner - Adams Publishing Group in Minneapolis, MN.”

In simple terms - is not the Leader and they are not

While the two media companies are in no way related to each other, they do share one common thing – me.

I am the Owner/Publisher of but I was once an employee for the Leader - 18 years to be exact, so I totally understand where the confusion comes from.

I left the Leader in 2019 to pursue a new adventure in life – to own my own digital news company. supports local journalism in all forms, including the Leader, but there is nothing wrong with a little competition. Competition is a good thing. For me personally, competition forces me to do better. has formed partnerships and collaborations with other local media outlets - including Bear River Live (a local livestreaming multimedia company owned and operated by Andy and Jessica Tanner in Tremonton) and The Box Elder News Journal.

By sharing resources and information with each other we strengthen our community.

It’s important to us that we take what we do seriously – reporting local journalism.

However, also wants to provide our readers with the feeling that a real person is behind this company – someone that is invested in the community and wants readers to see that personal touch in articles and coverage we provide.

Fulfilling our mission at takes intense focus and a mind-numbing amount of work. While it’s important that we take our work seriously, we also feel it’s important that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and try to have some fun along the way.

Who is and what exactly is The Valley Headliner?

The Valley Headliner LLC is the legal name of the company and our website is

We are a legit company complete with a fancy federal tax ID number and even fancier business cards. We even have a business license! is an independently owned and operated digital news company in Tremonton, Utah. Established in 2019, was officially launched in January 2020. is all about community news and we are dedicated to saving local journalism in the Bear River Valley. The purpose of is not about revenue. It is about providing a service to the community and to make a difference.

The fact is, we do local journalism because of our love of reporting and the community – not to get rich.

To us, local journalism is a public good and it should be available to everyone and not just those that can pay for it. That is why is a free digital news source for the community and we only report the news or stories that pertains to the Bear River Valley or Box Elder County.

Rebuilding local journalism in the Bear River Valley is our purpose and we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Don’t ask us where we stand on a political issue.

More legal jargon…

" does not endorse, promote or oppose any political party or candidate or political platform and issues. We are an unbiased news source."

In other words, we don’t care where anyone stands on a political issue and we keep our own personal political views to ourselves – where they belong.

The views and opinions expressed on are those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the official position of our company. Any editorial content provided by our writers are of their opinion – no matter how dysfunctional their minds may be.

We don’t mind differences of opinions. We do mind hate. Here at we are open-minded and respectful to other people’s opinion – even when we don’t agree.

It is not our job to tell readers what our position is on a political issue. It is our job to provide the facts to the best of our abilities and to allow readers to form their own opinions - no matter how irritating they may be.

Learning to appreciate and understand a different viewpoint and opinion is not compromising – it’s a sign of maturity and honest journalism.


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