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COLUMN - "Jots by Jess: One appreciative momma"

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

By Jessica Tanner – March 1, 2020

We live in a great community with so much good, which is not always easy to find elsewhere.

Recently a fellow mother, who is raising her daughter right, gave me a helping hand. I hope she will read this and remember her small act of kindness that had a big impact on me.

As women, we often feel the need to do it all. We need to be the best at our jobs, while taking care of the kids and all the errands, not to mention looking fabulous while doing it.

The truth is we cannot always live up to that expectation, nor should we. However, if we insist on being Wonder Woman it does not hurt to accept help along the way.

I am guilty of not asking for help because I do not want to be a burden to others. Sometimes it is just seems easier to muscle through. I love it when people see a need and act on it. Our community is filled with people like this.

One day at the grocery store I was shopping with my little girl. At checkout she decided she wanted to be out of the cart. With her in my arms I pushed a cart full of groceries to my car. It really seemed like no big deal, but I soon realized this was not going to be an easy task.

As I opened the trunk to my car I realized my two hands were not enough. With one arm toting baby I began throwing groceries in the back. I could not even put her in the car while I did this because my cart was attempting to make a run for it.

So there I stood in the parking lot, holding my baby in one arm, steadying the cart with my foot while balancing on the other and attempting to throw groceries in as fast as I could. That is when a mother and her daughter stepped in. They asked if they could help, which I willingly accepted.

The little girl held the cart and the mom loaded groceries while I strapped my kiddo into her car seat. They even helped organize the back since I had forgot it was overflowing with other things. I heard her daughter exclaim something like, “We are such good helpers!” And I could not have agreed more!

Thank you kind strangers for your help—it may have seemed like such a small thing, but it was just what I needed in that moment. I left there happy and ready to return the favor.

Kindness has a ripple effect and can make our world and lives better. Remember to look for opportunities to leave people better than you found them. You never know what kind of an impact that may have or what battles they are silently facing.


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