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COMMUNITY - "Bring some sunshine to the world with The Art Garage"

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre – May 13, 2020

If a royal decree is announced by the Queen Mother of “Sunshine,” it might perk up your ears a bit.

In this case the Queen Mother of “Sunshine” is Vicki Rhodes-Merryweather, owner of the art studio The Art Garage in Tremonton and she has a fun new activity for artists of all ages to enjoy from the comforts of their own homes.

The Queen Mother of Sunshine has announced by royal decree the following message:

“Let’s deliver sunshine and hope to everyone. Won’t you please join me? Unleash your bags of creative good things. Together we can make this take flight and have wings. Create your own sunshine. Get them ready to send. Deliver them to everyone: workers, neighbors’ family and friends.

If it’s difficult to mail them, a picture will do. Please send lots of sunshine from awesome magical you. We appreciate everyone’s continued hard work and each kindness that has been shared. Together we can do anything.”

Vicki has two YouTube tutorial videos that she’s made and posted for others to follow along with. Find those videos on the links below.

“When we focus on the good, the good gets betters. Let’s work together to create and spread sunshine. The two videos are step by steps for your artists to create their card. Please share with your favorite sunshine song to as many people as possible,” Vicki said.

Vicki is also encouraging artists to submit their work with The Art Garage where a special video of everyone’s sunshine creations will be made.

Text a photo of the final artwork to (435) 730-3770

Or post them on Instagram to The Art Garage or the with the following hashtags:

“Let’s see how much needed sunshine we can generate and send,” Vicki added.


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