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COMMUNITY - "Fire District Gains Gear Thanks to Hot Springs"

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

HONEYVILLE - By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist, December 22, 2022

People come from all over the world to soak in the warm, relaxing waters of Honeyville’s Crystal Hot Springs. They get enjoyment from the pools and the natural minerals. But while their visitors may be international, the local landmark is making sure they take care of those closer to home, as well.

For the fifth year, Crystal Hot Springs has partnered with the Central Box Elder Fire District in a fundraiser to benefit the local firefighters and the communities they serve. This year’s efforts garnered some much-needed equipment to improve the service CBEFD provides, according to Assistant Fire Chief Jordon Andersen.

“Thanks to this fundraiser we were able to acquire thermal imaging equipment for all three fire stations serving the district, as well as outfit ten firefighters with turnout gear,” he said. “The thermal imaging equipment will help locate fires hidden in walls and potential victims trapped in smoke-filled areas.”

The fire district serves the communities of Honeyville, Deweyville, Bear River and Elwood. According to Crystal Hot Springs General Manager Adam Nelson being a good neighbor is key to the Springs’ continued success. So, each year, beginning on July 4, firefighters sell discount season passes to Crystal – locals only – and the district keeps 100 percent of the money. Pass holders are then able to use them year-round at a greatly reduced rate.

“We give the discount to locals as a perk for having us in the neighborhood,” Nelson laughed, but it is a win-win situation for everyone. “We are glad to do this for people locally and plan to continue with the fundraiser.”

Andersen said the district is grateful to the popular tourist attraction as they would not be able to add to their inventory were it not for that generosity.

“Without the fundraising opportunity provided by Crystal Hot Springs, none of this would be possible. Even a single set of turnout gear exceeds our budget at today’s prices,” he said.

Following fundraising efforts with Crystal Hot Springs, Central Box Elder Fire District was able to purchase thermal imaging equipment for Honeyville, Bear River City and Deweyville. Courtesy Photos


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