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COMMUNITY - "Give some applause for Paws for Applause"

BOX ELDER COUNTY – By Cari Doutre – July 8, 2020

Six years ago Lanette Sorensen of East Garland formed Box Elder County’s first youth dog club (the second in Utah) as a way for her son, Landon, to get more involved in the training, care and overall well-being of his dog. Landon has since aged out of the program but Lanette is still just as active in the program as a volunteer youth leader.

“I love the kids and I love their dogs,” Lanette said.

Paws for Applause, USU Extension’s 4-H program has become a hit for local kids and their dogs in Box Elder County. The program is led by Lanette, Program Director, and Assistant Club Leader Tiffiny Hatch.

According to the Paws for Applause page on the USU Extension’s 4-H page, “The 4-H dog program breeds more than obedient dogs, it builds youth. While 4-H members learn to better control and train their dog, they are also building self-confidence, independence and mastery.”

Members of this program participate in education, obedience, showmanship, agility and rally that develop well-educated canine handlers. Learning life skills through experimental learning, the program focuses on developing leaders and responsibility in youth.

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Paws for Applause 4-H Dog Club - Courtesy photo

“The agility trials are really fun to watch,” Lanette said. “And to watch the kids and their dogs interact.”

“We always try to get the crowd involved because a cheering crowd is better for the kids,” Lanette added. “It’s just a fun show to watch.”

There’s also a little good old-fashion competition behind it all too.

Paws for Applause members compete in local, region and state competitions including the most recent 2020 State Companion Animal Event. This competition was done virtually this year because of COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic concerns.

Listed below are the accomplishments of the Paws for Applause club.

In addition to the Paws for Applause club, a Pet Advocate 4-H program has been added and will be hosting a statewide 4-H Pet Show on August 4, at the Box Elder County fairgrounds. Animals and pets of all kinds are welcome to showcase their skills and knowledge of pet care while developing the kids’ passion for companion animals.

The Paws for Applause club will have a show during Garland City's Wheat & Beet Days celebration on Saturday, July 11 starting at 10 a.m. at the city park.

2020 State Companion Animal Event Winners Dog Show:

Intermediate Showmanship Champion:

Hunter Kotter and Sparky

Showmanship Ribbons:

Blue Ribbon Winners: Kaylie Hatch and Rory, Tacie Hatch and Walle, Tacie Hatch and Rhia, Daci Munns and Patch, Larry Pilarczyk and Astro

Red Ribbon Winner: Courtney Wilkinson and Millie, Kaylie Hatch and Maple, Adam Mecham and Ottis

Novice Obedience Champion:

Kaylie Hatch and Rory

Pre-Open Obedience Champion:

Tacie Hatch and Rhia

Obedience Ribbons:

Red Ribbon: Adam Mecham and Ottis, Larry Pilarczyk and Astro, Hunter Kotter and Sparky, Kaylie Hatch and Maple, Tacie Hatch and Walle, Courtney Wilkinson and Millie

White Ribbon: Daci Munns and Patch

Rally-O Ribbon Winner:

Red Ribbon: Adam Mecham and Ottis, Larry Pilarczyk and Astro, Hunter Kotter and Sparky, Tacie Hatch and Walle, Tacie Hatch and Rhia

White Ribbon: Kaylie Hatch and Maple, Kaylie Hatch and Rory, Daci Munns and Patch, Courtney Wilkinson and Millie

High Point Overall


3rd Place: Kaylie Hatch

4th Place: Adam Mecham

5th Place: Courtney Wilkinson


2nd Place: Tacie Hatch

4th Place: Hunter Kotter

6th Place: Daci Munns


2nd Place: Larry Pilarczyk

Written Test Ribbon Winners:

Blue Ribbon: Adam Mecham

Red Ribbon: Kaylie Hatch, Tacie Hatch, Larry Pilarczyk

White Ribbon: Courtney Wilkinson, Daci Munns, Hunter Kotter

Quiz Bowl Ribbon Winners:

Red Ribbon: Adam Mecham, Hunter Kotter

White Ribbon: Courtney Wilkinson, Larry Pilarczyk

Pet Show Demonstration Ribbons:

Blue Ribbon: Courtney Wilkinson

Courtney Wilkinson and Millie - Courtesy photo
Larry Pilarczyk and Astro - Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo


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