COMMUNITY - "It's about the kids; showmanship competition goes on"

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre – August 21, 2020

Publishers note: The Valley Headliner - wants to support and recognize all participants in the Box Elder Junior Livestock programs - especially this year as many events have been cancelled. Please contact us if private showmanship competitions will be held this year. We will happily cover that event and give the kids the recognition they deserve. Contact us at (435) 279-0553 or email us at: - Cari Doutre, The Valley Headliner -, Owner/Publisher

Let the showmanship competition go on!

As many of this year’s Box Elder County Fair events were cancelled this year because of the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, it meant finding a way to recognize and support those kids that have worked hard all year with their animals.

All showmanship competitions that are normally part of the Box Elder Junior Livestock program during the Box Elder County Fair, were cancelled this year. However, the general livestock shows are still scheduled and will be livestreaming via Bear River Live all next week. Find more information on that HERE.

Modifications during the COVID-19 pandemic have also been made to the Box Elder Junior Livestock auction this year. There will be no in-person bidding and instead all bids and boosts will be done online in a virtual auction. Find more information on that HERE.

So what can be done to show support and appreciation for the kids that have worked hard all year preparing their livestock projects? How about a private showmanship competition?

That was exactly what supporters in the junior livestock hog program did on Thursday, August 20.

“When the county decided to not do a showmanship competition at the fair this year due to COVID-19, we (Bar V Farms) were very disappointed,” said Kirsten Call, one of the many supporters of the program.

“We brainstormed ideas of putting on a private showmanship competition that was not affiliated with the county in any way,” Call added.

The competition was held at a private indoor barn in Tremonton owned by the Stephens family in Tremonton. Next up was finding the perfect name for this unaffiliated showmanship competition.

“We decided on the name ‘It’s About the Kids Showmanship Classic.’ We chose the name because it truly is about the kids. These kids put so much effort into their animals all year and have already had so many things cancelled lately. We wanted them to be able to be recognized for all their hard work,” Call said.

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McKenna Ward, August 20, 2020, Tremonton, Utah - Photo by Cari Doutre/

Call was just one of many supporters that helped organize and put together a private showmanship competition for this year’s participants in the junior livestock hog program. In total the competition had 40 youth participants ages 4-18.

In addition to working hands, supportive parents and willing youth participants, the private showmanship competition also had several generous businesses, organizations and individuals help sponsor the event. Find a list of those sponsors below.

The competition also had a special judge there to offer his unbiased support – Jared Roach from Spanish Fork.

“The night was so successful. Everyone had so much fun showing their skills,” said Call.

“We are so grateful for the sponsors and participants that helped make our goal a reality,” she added.

“It’s About the Kids Showmanship Classic” results:


All participants were awarded trophies


Grand Champion Showman - Weston Nicholas

Reserve Champion Showman - Ari Smith


Grand Champion Showman – Stetson Westmoreland

Reserve Champion Showman – Kynadi Call


Grand Champion Showman – Oaklee Trapp

Reserve Champion Showman – Oaklie Maxfield


Bar V Farms - Chris & Nancy Sorensen

Jed & Whitney Westmoreland

Bobby & Kirsten Call

Ryan & Christyn Kendrick

Nucor Buildings Group - Utah

Stephens Rockin’ S Barns

Archibald Tires

IFA - Tremonton

Bear River Valley Country Store

Sierra Homes

Chad & Camille Anderson

Brian & Alisha Ward

Shane & Brenda Wilde

Tucker & Mistie Mattinson

Ryan & Sandy Trapp

Bryan & Heather Ward

Diane Combs

Todd & Janet Williams

Jared Roach and Oaklee Trapp, August 20, 2020 - Courtesy photo
Jared Roach and Oaklie Maxfield, August 20, 2020 - Courtesy photo
Jared Roach and Stetson Westmoreland, August 20, 2020 - Courtesy photo
Jared Roach and Kynadi Call, August 20, 2020 - Courtesy photo
Jared Roach and Weston Nicholas, August 20, 2020 - Courtesy photo