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COMMUNITY - "Join Tremonton Recreation for a family 'Eggsercise Hunt" this week"

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre – April 7, 2020

Have a little cabin fever and need a fun family activity to do while safely practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic?

Or as Tremonton Recreation puts it, “Are you experiencing symptoms such as irritability, thick waist, feelings of boredom, laziness and restlessness? You may be experiencing cabin fever from the current pandemic and social distancing. With home school, sport and event cancellations and even stores closing the doors, we know you need to get out of the house.”

Tremonton Recreation has teamed up with the Easter bunny to put a fun twist on traditional Easter egg hunts. The department will be hiding Easter eggs within the city parks with a QR code link to a website for more instructions on fun family activities.

These activities are sure to get families up and moving while bonding at the same time. It’s all in a safe way to prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

Look for a map to Tremonton City’s parks on Friday, April 10, to start this fun activity. Begin exploring all of Tremonton City. Participants will have three days to find all 10 eggs. Then post pictures of your experiences for Tremonton Recreation to share.

“The recent pandemic is giving people cabin fever. Coming out of the cold winter, and now being stuck at home due to social distancing, when the beauty of spring is just out the door,” said Zach LaFevre with Tremonton Recreation.

“People are in need of something to look forward to. Our goal is to help people get active and stay active - even at a time like this,” he added.

More information can be found at Tremonton Recreation's website by clicking on the link below.


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