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COMMUNITY – My Discovery Destination! Fall Scavenger Hunt BRVNEWS mission

October 24, 2020

Publisher’s note:

The Valley Headliner –, has teamed up with My Discovery Destination! in Box Elder County for their Fall Scavenger Hunt. The mission to complete for is to write a spooky Halloween story. More information about this mission can be found at a previously posted article HERE or below this story.

“The Legend of the Headless Pig Owner”

By Elizabeth Wilkinson - Team name: The Cows

On a cold windy night exactly one week away from Halloween, the fog began to roll in. The light breeze pushed the cool air through the trees causing leaves to tumble to the ground at a quick pace. This hadn't been a normal autumn since the beginning.

Summer seemed to go on for months as the hot weather just continued climbing in temperature as the months went on. And on the creepier side of things, the fog just began appearing as the first day of October rolled around. Fog has never been a common thing in the small town of Pigville, but that didn't seem to bother the pig farmers that inhabited the entire town.

What did bother the residents of this farming town was the fact that the eldest pig farmer in the valley, Johnny Piggolsen, was found headless the day the fog arrived. The strange thing about this situation is the pig farmer was found in a pig pen. One week after this discovery the pig farmers saw had piglets. Baby animals are something everyone adores due to the cuteness of them but these piglets were not ordinary piglets. Every piglet from this litter was born with an identical mustache to the pig owner who was found headless the week before.

As this strange phenomenon became apparent to the public, people began visiting this pig farm from all over the world intrigued by this legend. The legend always begins with the dark stormy night that the pig farmer went missing, and is finished up with the explanation that the mama pig ate the head of the pig owner which caused her piglets to grow his mustache.

As tourists visited the farm, millions of dollars were made in the first several days due to the strange legend and the neighbors who began this attraction were enjoying the large income. The scariest part of the story - it was all in misunderstanding.

After two weeks of examination it was confirmed that "pig farmers body" was just a Halloween decoration that was blown into the pigpen from the wind. Upon returning from his month-long vacation on the sunny beaches of Australia, the pig farmer returned home to see thousands of people in his yard taking pictures of his mustached piglets. Strange as it was, the pig farmer decided to forever move away and let the legend live on.

As a news reporter, I looked into this legend a little bit myself. After visiting the attraction and hearing the legend told multiple times, I did some research. There is something suspicious about the entirety of this story, something... Real.

In my opinion there was more to the story and I had to figure it out myself. Several weeks have passed but I feel like I have gathered all of the missing pieces to this legend. After tracking down the pig farmer in which this legend rooted from, I have found the truth.

The strange fog that has mysteriously appeared throughout Pigville was man-made by the farmer, Johnny Piggolsen. Johnny was trying to escape the town of Pigville to begin a new life and reach his real goals unpriced. Johnny wanted to be a sheep farmer all of his life, but his family before him were renown pig farmers and he was expected to carry on the legacy.

Not only would he ruin his family’s legacy, he would lose the respect of his fellow pig friends, so he needed a plan. In hopes of escaping his destined future, he framed his own death and planned to live the rest of his life under a new name. Johnny Piggolsen is now living his dream life in Sheeptown under a new name, Joseph Sheepkinson.

"Giant spiders take over the tunnels in Tremonton, Utah"

By Bridget Phillips

The blue moon has brought forth more arachnids in Tremonton Utah than there have ever been before. They are huge and taking over the bomb shelter tunnels. The first encounter with the giant spiders was by Sarah Jones; "I was on the stage rehearsing for the play, Scared Silly, when a large, black, hairy leg came up over the top of the stage. It came from behind where the live band plays. The minute I saw it I ran out the door!!!"

Then we talked to Joe Peterson. He told us how he saw Sarah come running outside. She told him of her encounter with the giant spiders. Joe looked through the door where all the props were stored. He saw a large web, a caccoon, (I can only imagine what was inside) and a large spider leg. That was larger than I am tall. He slammed the door shut!!

Little Billy Thompson was walking along a canal when he saw one of these creatures! Billy said, " I was walking home from school this afternoon, when I noticed three big black eyes, a fuzzy face and two large legs coming out of the culvert of the canal beside me. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen!!"

We had our sketch artist meet with the witnesses, to sketch drawings of the Monster Spiders! So, this Halloween BEWARE of long legs and beady eyes lurking in the dark!!!

By Bridget Phillips
By Bridget Phillips
By Bridget Phillips

"Neon ooze seeping from cracks in the roads around Old Indian School lands"

By Aurellia Saunders

It is yet unknown what has caused the orange and green neon ooze that has been seen seeping through cracks in the roads around the area of the Intermountain Indian School, located in Brigham City, Utah. The locations history gives many cause to believe supernatural forces may be at work. Dr. Ghast, a specialist in the paranormal, believes the higher concentration of ooze where many of the now cleared away buildings once stood is clear proof that the spirts who dwelled there are trying to communicate.

Perhaps they are upset with the loss of the derelict buildings, or they are trying to encourage USU to build the new extension faster since, as Dr. Ghast points out no ooze has been seen near USU’s main and so far only building on site. However Dr. Factual points out that there is more traffic in the areas which show less ooze and more shade due to the presence of buildings and trees. Dr. Ghast and Dr. Factual have teams working to study the ooze. It is a slow process and the affected area is restricted since the ooze is highly corrosive.


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