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COMMUNITY – “My Discovery Destination! Fall Scavenger Hunt BRVNEWS mission: Part 3”

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

BOX ELDER COUNTY – October 27, 2020

Publisher’s note:

The Valley Headliner –, has teamed up with My Discover Destination! in Box Elder County for their 2020 Fall Scavenger Hunt. The mission to complete for is to write a fictional, yet spooky Halloween story or headline. More information about this mission can be found at a previously posted article HERE.

“There have been multiple reports from people claiming to have seen the headless horseman at the Box Elder County fairgrounds throughout all hours of the night” – The Mighty Macks

“Skeletons steal kids candy Halloween night!” – Bastaben

“Zombies invade Pioneer Park on Halloween night a group of zombies was seen playing on the playground at the park. They were swimming in the pond and chasing kids around. Local residents were terrified and called police. It turns out the zombies were friendly and just wanted to play with the kids.” – SpookySkeletons

“Pandemic hoarding has hit again! Halloween candy is missing from store shelves. Where has it all gone? One customer was heard saying ‘Christmas decorations are out, let’s give out candy canes this year.’” – Reynolds

“Two Teens Turned to Zombies Outside of BRMS!”

By Haylee Esplin

Late Halloween night, a group of friends were trick-or-treating. They had no idea what was about to unfold. They were walking along when all of a sudden, a dog bolted out from behind a car and bit 1 of them, Terri.

Lindsey Connor said "We tried to get her up, but she went catatonic. We were trying to wake her up when Loni got bit too. Terri suddenly shuddered awake, but her eyes were blank and red. Then we ran." This diseased bulldog turned them into zombies with his bite. We've found no cure.

“Breaking News!! Today at Garland Elementary School a student has turned into a vampire due to Covid-19. Teachers are hysterical and are refusing to go back to the school”

By Hansen Hair Raisers

Returning to Garland Elementary School after Halloween Drake U. Lea has taken a little different appearance. He has grown fangs and now craves the taste of Blood. The Principle Dr. Frankenstein has just informed the faculty of the newest symptom of Covid-19.

“Vampirism” Drake U. Lea one of our students has came down with Covid-19 and while he was out on Halloween Night he had some potatoes with to much garlic and it combined with the Blue Moon has turned him into a Vampire.”

The garlic usually repels Vampires but with Covid-19 and the Blue Moon it had a reverse effect. Drake and his whole family has now been infected. Drakes teacher Mrs Bubbles is now hysterical and refuses to return to work. She fears that Drake is not the only student infected.

I guess only time will tell. Keep your eyes out for these young Vampire children. They may be wandering your neighborhood.

“Witch Ditch Revealed”

By Julie Esplin - Esplin6

Popular rural legend confirmed as the witch ditch claimed another victim this Tuesday. The witch ditch is said to be small children into the water so she may take them back to her lair. Many say that this is just a way to keep your children dry.

Bob Boberson eye witnessed the witch leak out of the ditch and drag little Joe into the mucky muck. Bob quickly reached into the ditch to grasp into the young one but was only met with a misty green fog. He tried to follow the ditch to her lair to save the small child. When he reached a locked gingerbread house. He tried the break in the door but the gingerbread was to hard. No one has seen little Joe since.


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