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COMMUNITY – “Pizza and summer reading with the Garland Public Library”

GARLAND – June 23, 2021

The Garland Public Library is using a new app this year called Beanstack to track reading aimed to make tracking minutes much easier for readers with lots of fun activities they can complete along the way. The library as also created a fun summer reading program using Beanstack that it will make things smooth for both readers and library staff.

People can access the library’s Beanstack site and see all their programs by downloading the app and searching for Garland Public Library or they can visit

"We have been looking into the Beanstack platform for many years and are excited to finally implement it into our library programs. I think it will help make tracking reading so much easier for our readers and make it a much more enjoyable way to participate in our library programs,” said Tate Atkin, Garland Public Library Director.

The theme this year is "Tails and Tales." It combines animals of all shapes and sizes as well as fairy tales too. The program started June 7, and will finish August 29, 2021. People can sign up anytime during the program, so it's not too late!

Children ages 0-5 will track books read this summer to align with the Garland Public Library’s 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program which will also use Beanstack to track reading. When readers sign up they will receive a prize from the prize box at the library. All who participate will also receive a prize when the program ends.

Everyone else will track minutes read. When they sign-up they will receive a Garland Public Library water bottle. As they track their minutes, they will earn badges on the app and will receive tickets for the prize raffles for their age group.

"We have selected fun prizes for each age group and hope that it helps motivate readers of all ages to compete in our summer reading program,” Atkin said.

"Although our summer reading program is geared towards children to help them keep reading throughout the summer and keep them on track when they return to school in the fall, the program is for everyone. We have created a program for each age group and hope that children as well as adults are excited to participate and read this summer,” he added.

In addition, the Garland Public Library is excited to bring back the READZZA program where Reading=Pizza. They partnered with Pizza Plus in Tremonton last year right before COVID closed the library. The library has reached out to Pizza Plus and they are excited to get the program going again.

The program is easy.

Elementary school aged children will track how many days they read 20 or more minutes. For every 30 days they read 20 or more minutes, they will receive a free Tiny Tanner from Pizza Plus. A Tiny Tanner is a 6" cheese pizza, kid's drink and dessert. Readers will track their reading using Beanstack and when they complete the 30 days of reading 20 or more minutes, they will receive a certificate. The certificate must be exchanged for a button from the Garland Public Library. That button will then be redeemed at Pizza Plus in Tremonton for the free Tiny Tanner.

"We were really sad to put the READZZA program on hold last spring. We are really excited to get it going again.

Pizza Plus has been so awesome to work with and we are so happy they were willing to partner with us on this program. It will be an ongoing program and we are excited to get the ball rolling again,” Atkin said.

The Garland Public Library is located at 86 W. Factory St., in Garland and is open Tuesdays - Thursdays from 1-7 p.m. and Fridays from 1-5 p.m.

For more information visit their website at: or call them at: (435) 257-3118 ext. 1005


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