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FEATURE – “David Misrasi – A Legacy of Service”

GARLAND – By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist – July 9, 2021

David and Karen Misrasi - Courtesy photo

Garland City has much of which to be proud. It is a community where neighborliness and caring go hand in hand with hard work and kindness. Each year during Garland City Days, the city leaders recognize a citizen who epitomizes that high level of service with its annual Wheelon Award.

The 2021 recipient is David Misrasi, a life-long resident of the Bear River Valley, a business owner and “an all-round good guy.”

Garland City councilmember, Chuck Bingham, who also works for the city, nominated Misrasi for this year’s award. He said Misrasi is one of those people who gives help when he sees the need, help that may go unnoticed by the public, although they are often the benefactors of his service.

“I especially notice Dave during the winter months when it is snowing,” Bingham said. “He is out there plowing out the post office, around the city block and at the stake center. He is helping the city, whether he knows it or not. We don’t have to worry about the downtown area because we know Dave is doing it. It is such a service.”

Bingham also noted that, although Misrasi can always be seen “out working when snow is on the ground,” he does not limit his helping hand to the wintertime.

“He is always willing to do anything for anyone,” Bingham continued. “He is out there helping when there is flooding, when a driveway needs pushed or plowed, he is always giving service in the community.”

When Misrasi is not helping the city or its citizens, he operates a concrete business, one he started in 1982. He first got into that trade at the age of 11 when he was recruited to pour concrete for his father’s corrals. From there he took every opportunity to increase his knowledge and skill. Today he is considered one of the best in the area.

He generously donated his talent and time to pour concrete for the lights and restrooms at the Garland City Park.

His secretary, ShaRelle Nelson, said her boss “has one of the greatest work ethics I have ever known. He contracted with the LDS Church to push snow in the off-season and has been doing that, along with other contracts to push snow in the Valley ever since. Dave has been known to go through the community pushing snow for neighbors, older citizens and anyone who need help.”

That sentiment is echoed by his daughter, Carli, who wrote, “There are so many things my dad has done for the community…40plus years of doing concrete, plowing snow in the winter and being a go-to guy for a lot of people. He is trustworthy, honest and very hardworking. The only thing he loves more than his family is working.”

He extends that love whenever he can, however, Nelson added. “Dave has helped many a person down on their luck, either giving them $100 or a meal, or help for stranded motorists. He is known to be the biggest tipper in town, leaving a hardworking waitress a $20 tip for a cup of coffee. He has a soft spot for single mothers and senior citizens, making sure their driveways are clear.”

The Wheelon Award is named for John C. Wheelon, chief engineer for the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company in Garland and a leader in helping to develop agriculture in the Bear River Valley. One of his projects, according to Nelson, directly ties Misrasi with this community icon.

“Dave has been doing maintenance for the Bear River Canal Company for the last 20 years. He is honored to receive this award because Wheelon was the one who built the canal system constructed in 1903 with the building of Cutler Dam.”

The award will be presented the Saturday evening of Garland City Days, July 10, during the Rough Stock concert. Misrasi will be recognized by Mayor Todd Miller and the rest of the city council.

It is a presentation Mayor Miller is more than happy to make.

“Dave is a very generous individual with the highest integrity,” Miller noted. “The world would be better with more people like him looking out for their common man. It is an honor to have him as a friend.”

According to Misrasi’s daughter, Garland’s highest award could not go to a better example of what Garland stands for. “He does so much service outside of his work. He helps when someone needs help. He loves this city and the people in it.”

David Misrasi and his mother Betty Misrasi - Courtesy photo


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