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FEATURE - "Fair Fun - Cover Covers it All!"

Garland's Katie Wynn shows off the fairbook cover, her take on the many faces of fun at the Box Elder County Fair and Golden Spike Rodeo, set for August 22-27. Courtesy Photo

GARLAND - Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist, August 16, 2022

Call it a hobby…or call it a vocation. Katie Wynn calls it both.

Art is something this Garland teenager has enjoyed since early on in her life, something that she developed during art classes at Bear River High School and something she hopes to pursue in some form or another when she heads to Brigham Young University-Idaho this fall, studying Fine Arts. It seems fitting that this teen should incorporate her love of drawing with the annual Box Elder County Fair cover contest.

Katie’s colorful art piece, built around the 2022 theme, Ribbons, Rides and Rodeo, features the traditional ferris wheel, a silhouette of a cowboy and his horse and lots of ribbons, indicative of the atmosphere the annual celebration creates.

“I really wanted to incorporate all of the theme on it,” she said of her work. “I go to the fair every year with my family, so I wanted to show how fun it is. I like riding the rides with my family and we do lots of the crafts and art stuff, so we do get ribbons and stuff like that.” She said the Golden Spike Rodeo is definitely on the family’s bucket list, as well.

The daughter of Ben and Lora Wynn, Katie is one of six children and has lived in Garland since the age of three. She loves the atmosphere of her community, an atmosphere that spills over in the fair each year. She said she enjoys the peacefulness, without “big city stuff,” but “plenty of people around to talk to and have a great time.”

This budding artist was fine-tuning her passion for art during high school and following in the footsteps of older sister, Heidi, who won the fairbook cover contest in 2020. The ability to create is something she continues to enjoy.

“I like how you can express yourself,” she said of art. “After completing a piece, it is really cool because you spend all that time working on something and it turns out super good. You'll step back and be amazed and what you can do.”

Katie perfected her winning artwork using colored pencil, but said she prefers acrylics because they are more forgiving than other mediums. “You can fix things when you mess up and I like how fast you can make a painting with it.”

She has taken the expressive craft she loves and put it to use with her summer job, as she earns finances for college. Katie currently works at the Boys & Girls Club, often helping with art projects and sharing her talents and her time with others.

She plans on taking enough of that time off to enjoy another great fair, slated for August 22-27, and hopes the county enjoys her take on what the fair means.

“I hope everyone likes the cover and when they look at it, they really think of the fair because it encompasses all of it, the rides, rodeo and ribbons. I hope everyone can really gain something from it.”


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