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FEATURE - "Moments that 'lift' us"

TREMONTON – By Abby Payne Peterson – Feb. 2, 2020

Many people make the new year’s resolution to write a book. Few finish and fewer still find a publisher willing to publish that book. However, Tremonton resident Susan Chadaz has done just that not once, but twice.

At the end of 2019, Chadaz’s second book “Lifted: Moments and Mercies That Elevate Us” was published by Walnut Springs Press and it is available on Amazon and several local religious bookstores.

Similar to Chadaz’s first book “So Blessed: Living in Gratitude Every Day,” “Lifted” goes through more than 50 ways to “live your life lifted or things that lift you on a day that’s kind of crazy and not as happy as others what pulls you up by your boot straps and help you get up above it again,” Chadaz said.

In her book, Chadaz gives readers suggestions and anecdotes through personal stories, quotes and experiences from others on ways to improve the reader’s mindset and outlook on difficult or exhausting days.

Susan Chadaz - Courtesy Photo

Chadaz explained that after her first book was printed, she considered the idea for “Lifted” for some time. After several difficult and trying experiences, Chadaz said she felt she could help others by continuing to share her stories and experiences in different and interesting ways.

“When I’m having a crazy day or not feeling good enough, I think of the quote at the introduction of the book, which goes something like ‘the main goal in life is to keep your soul aloft’,” Chadaz said. “It was all about trying to live your life through any ups and downs that happen to you and try to come out on top of that.”

While writing and editing her book, Chadaz said she spent most of her time gathering stories and quotes, then cataloging them into different ways to address different difficulties. With the help of her editor Linda Prince at Walnut Springs Press, Chadaz said she was able to turn her many gathered thoughts into a cohesive book.

“I’m a little more abstract and my editor is more literal,” Chadaz said. “I learned a ton. It was so fun to take an idea that was floating and put it down on paper. I love the writing process.”

Chadaz explained that for her personally writing her second book has come with many learning experience not just about the writing process, but also with how she’d like to live her life moving forward. Instead of focusing on a solution or feeling better, she said she’s learned more to focus on the experience and the change that’s going on internally.

Chadaz said she hopes her book inspires readers to slow down and experience life more fully and to take note of their thoughts and feelings.

“What does better mean and what does that sound and look like?” Chadaz said. “What is it that happened that changed me? Instead of saying ‘OK, I’m better now’ and moving on, to write down how that experience changed me from a low place to a loftier place and how can I share that with someone else.”


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