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BEAR RIVER HIGH - April 6, 2021

Gabe Wilson and Naomi Tomlinson are this week’s featured Headliner Athletes of the Week at - sponsored by Chanshare Farms. Thank you for supporting local journalism and high school sports in the Bear River Valley!


Gabe Wilson, a senior at Bear River High School is this week’s featured Headliner Athlete of the Week at for his contribution to the Bear River High boys’ track team this season.

Earlier this season Gabe took 2nd place in both the 4x800 and 4x400 races and 3rd in the 800m.

“To do all the races Gabe runs in the short amount of time he has between events is very difficult, then to hit the times he does is even more amazing,” said Chad Hurst, head coach of the Bear River High track team.

“I’ve yet to have him come off the track – once he catches his breath – and not tell me ‘I know I can go faster,’ and then he does. He pushes himself and others in practice to continually get faster. He really is a pleasure to coach,” Hurst added.

Gabe is the son of Taylor and Jennifer Wilson.


This week’s featured Headliner Athlete of the Week at is Bear River High School’s Naomi Tomlinson, a member of the girls’ 2021 track team.

Naomi is currently the top sprinter on the Bear River High girls’ varsity track team and recently took 2nd place in the 4x400, 3rd place in the 400m., 6th place in the 4x200 and 7th place in the 200m. She is currently the top in Region 11 in the 400m.

“I believe as the season goes on, she will be one of the top in the state,” said Chad Hurst, head coach of the Bear River High track team. “That shows how strong she is. The 400m is considered to be the hardest race and yet she starts and finishes it with a smile.

“Naomi is an extremely hard worker and is continually looking for ways to improve on her races,” Hurst added. “She is so much fun to coach and I am as excited as she is to see how this season progresses.”

Naomi is a junior at Bear River High and is the daughter of Morgan and Angela Tomlinson.


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