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Letter to the Editor - "A Texan looks at Mitch Zundel"

June 8, 2020


Shortly after moving to Box Elder County I had the privilege to meet Mitch Zundel as he was working with a group of teenagers and I was immediately impressed with the fact, he cared about them, cared about their schools, their families and their Box Elder County’s comings and goings.

The months passed and as I got to know Mitch and his family better we discussed his job as the Economic Development Director for Box Elder County and I was amazed at his sacrifice in serving in the position. Mitch has a sincere concern for the positive progress of Box Elder County and not the commercial exploitation of Box Elder’s beauty, resources, and down to earth people. Mitch’s wife Angie completely supports him and as a couple they’ve continued serving Box Elder County with love, sacrifice and enthusiasm.

There are three teenagers (one getting ready for university studies) in the Zundel’s home and like every parent Mitch and Angie have felt the pain inflicted by Covid19, including home studies! Mitch continued working throughout the virus scare and because of his position as the Economic Development Director for Box Elder he understands the workings thereof, and is better qualified to serve as Box Elder County Commissioner than any of his competitors. However, the thing that amazes me about Mitch’s competition is why they are spending so much money to obtain the position? County Commissioner is not a high paying job, and as a man who lived in Houston Texas for 55 years and remarkably familiar with politics, and wild commercial exploitation of a county, I have to wonder why any of them even want the job!

Mitch has no idea that I’m writing this article but as an outside observer who has now retired in Box Elder County I like the way things are, the conservative growth, pristine surroundings, family friendly atmosphere and frankly some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. Where politics, public schools, medical community, retirement facility and commercial growth are concerned Mitch and Angie are positive yet conservative.

Because I know the Zundel’s personally, I can guarantee they have the wellbeing of Box Elder County deep in their hearts. Voters can rest assured that a vote for Mitch Zundel for County Commissioner will not be wasted.

- Steven D. Nielsen, retired author

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