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LETTER TO THE EDITOR - "It's Time to Promote Democracy Once Again in Tremonton"

OPINION - February 15, 2023

“Given that this is another election year in Tremonton, it’s time to promote democracy once again and our responsibility to vote and to choose wisely.

Have you ever been in a relationship, especially before marriage, where someone told you that they loved you, but they really want you to change? One time, they say “I love you.” Then, the next time, they try to get you to change how you do something, or your position on an issue, or your appearance. In essence, they say they love you but they want you to change, thinking that they would really love you if you were only different.

Well, that’s how some local politicians think. They say that they love the city, district, county that they want to represent, but they really don’t love it the way that it is. They want to change it. Then, perhaps, they would really love it. They may really want to resolve a true problem that the current citizens have or perhaps just want to make their mark so that they feel that they’ve accomplished something. But the point is still the same. They may love the community somewhat, but not so much that they want to maintain the community as it is. Instead, they want more factories to move here, to grow the population, to change our culture.

If you’d only change the way you comb your hair, or not laugh the way that you do, or have a certain opinion, then I’d really love you a lot more! So, trust me, I want to be with you, especially if you were different.

So, when election time comes in November, think about that. Do you like Tremonton the way that it is? Or do you want it changed – a little, a lot? Once you figure that out, then look at the candidates and vote for one (or more) who will support your feelings and who will actually vote in their legislative body that way.

Many politicians will say one thing about an issue so that they get voted into office. Then, once elected, they vote on an issue contrary to what they said that their position was during the election process. Let’s all do our homework and figure out which is which and vote for the people who will actually support the majority’s wishes and not give in to money, favoritism, or their personal desires.”

Jeff Hoedt

Tremonton Resident


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