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NEWS – “2021 Election sees some old, some new faces”

BOX ELDER COUNTY – By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist – July 21, 2021

Two prominent Tremonton City men will be vying against each other on the November 2 ballot, each seeking to serve as its new mayor. Lyle Holmgren and Jeff Reese are both hoping to replace current mayor, Roger Fridal, who, after 12 years in office, has opted not to seek a fourth term.

Holmgren has served on the council since 2006 and is presently acting as Mayor Pro Tem. Reese has a long history in city government, having served as a councilman for 16 years, six years with Planning and Zoning and another five years as director of Parks and Recreation.

Two council seats will also be vacant in the new year. Seeking to fill those spots are current councilman Bret Rohde and Justin Scoffield.

Nearby in Garland City, it is a repeat battle at the polls as incumbent Todd Miller will go up against Linda Bourne for the mayoral seat.

Seeking to fill two vacant council seats in that city are Steven Peacock, Jeanette Atkinson and Kevin Stay. One two-year council position is also open and Elizabeth Potter, Charles Bingham and Jessica Olsen are all hoping to fill that seat. This will require a Primary on August 10 to narrow the field to two.

In Bear River City, Megan Armstrong is running unopposed for mayor, while three hopefuls, Josh Dallin, Clinton Armstrong and Riggin Holmgren, eye two available council seats.

In Deweyville, current mayor, Lesley Kendrick, is the sole applicant in her bid to remain at the town’s helm. Councilman Nathan Spackman, also serving as Mayor Pro Tem, will compete against three other candidates, Leslie Wheatley, Kaysie Wilcox and Bunny Jo Barnett.

Fielding’s has Chuck Earl running unopposed for mayor and Matt Petersen and Tiffinee Pierson seeking the two available council seats.

In Honeyville, Boyd Bingham saw no challengers in his vie for reelection as mayor. There are, however, three candidates for two open slots on the city council: Kory Wilde, Bruce Nelson and David Hougaard.

In the town of Elwood, incumbent Keenan Nelson was alone in his bid to retake the mayoral position, and Michael Pace, who currently serves as a councilmember, is seeking to return. Two council seats are open, however, leaving a slot available for a write-in candidate.

In other northern Box Elder County elections, Bradly Hawkes is unopposed in the Howell mayor race and Mark Sorensen and Robert Hawkes filed for the two vacancies on the city council.

Plymouth’s election has Thomas Provins and Wendi Barker throwing their hats in the ring to serve as the town’s mayor. Curtis Murray was on that list but withdrew his name. Three more candidates: Burke Udy, Charles Wilson and Jess Marshall, are eyeing the two open seats on the council.

Further north, Portage has two mayoral candidates: Grant Smith and Max Huggins. Tyson Nelson, Lesley Smith and Mariah Huggins hope to be elected to fill two available council posts.

It was tidier in Snowville as LuAnn Johnson was the only mayor candidate and only Garet Wirick and John Levenduski applied for the two council seats.


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