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NEWS - "Ballots are out, time to pick your candidate"

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

BOX ELDER COUNTY - October 22, 2021

Election Day, Tuesday, November 2, is getting near and residents are encouraged to exercise their right to vote. Ballots were mailed out on October 12. Ballots mailed out October 12, and if returned by mail must be postmarked by the US Post office the day before Election Day or November 1, 2021.

Ballots can also be dropped off at a drop box location at one of the following locations before 8 p.m. on Election Day

Bear River City - 5871 N 4700 W Bear River City, M thru Th 9-3

Box Elder County Fair Grounds - 320 N 1000 W Tremonton, 24 Hour Drop Box

Brigham City - 20 N Main St Brigham City, M thru F 8-5

Corinne - 2420 N 4000 W Corinne, M and T 12-6 W and F 9-3

County Clerk's Office - 1 South Main St, Rm 10 Brigham City, Mon thru Fri 8-5

County Courthouse - 1 South Main St Brigham City, 24 Hour Drop Box

Deweyville - 10870 N Highway 38 Deweyville, T 10-4 and Th 10-4

Garland - 72 N Main St Garland, 24 Hour Drop Box

Honeyville - 2635 W 6980 N Honeyville, M thru F 9-12

Mantua - 409 N Main St Mantua, Mon thru Fri 9-1

Perry - 3005 S 1200 W Perry, 24 Hour Drop Box

Plymouth - 20120 N 5200 W Plymouth, M thru W 9-4

Portage - 25880 N 9000 W Portage, Wed 10-4

Tremonton - 102 S Tremont St Tremonton, Mon thru Fri 9-5

Tremonton Senior Center - 510 W 1000 N Tremonton, Mon thru Fri 9-4

Willard - 80 W 50 S Willard, 24 Hour Drop Box

Those who want to take advantage of in-person voting, early voting in the county will be held October 27-30, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Box Elder County Courthouse. Bring photo identification, which is require for in-person voting.

On Election Day, in-person voting can be done at Utah State University Student Service in Brigham City.

Some local elections are hoping for write-in candidates to fill vacancies. Tremonton’s ballot is meager with Lyle Holmgren as the sole candidate for mayor and Brett Rohde is the only name listed for two vacant council seats. There are however, three candidates who have filed as write-ins for those vacancies - Justin Scoffield, Jeffrey Nelson Hoedt and Wesley Estep.

Nearby in Garland City, incumbent Todd Miller will go up against Linda Bourne for the mayoral seat.

Seeking to fill two vacant council seats in that city are Steven Peacock, Jeanette Atkinson and Kevin Stay. One two-year council position is also open and Charles Bingham, Elizabeth Potter and write-in candidate Jessica Olsen each hoping to fill that seat.

In Bear River City, Megan Armstrong is running unopposed for mayor, while three hopefuls, Josh Dallin, Clinton Armstrong and Riggin Holmgren, eye two available council seats.

In Deweyville, current mayor, Lesley Kendrick, is the sole applicant in her bid to remain at the town’s helm. Nathan Spackman, will compete against Leslie Wheatley and Bunny Jo Barnett for the council.

In Honeyville, Mayor Boyd Bingham is unchallenged in his vie for reelection. Three candidates are hoping to be elected to the city council: Kory Wilde, Bruce Nelson and David Hougaard.

Plymouth’s election has Thomas Provins and Wendi Barker throwing their hats in the ring to serve as the town’s mayor. Candidates Burke Udy, Charles Wilson and Jess Marshall are eyeing the two open seats on the council.

Further north, Portage has two mayoral candidates: Grant Smith and Max Huggins. Tyson Nelson and Lesley Smith will fill two available council posts.

Box Elder County 2021 Municipal Election Ballots (in alphabetical order)


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