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NEWS - "Big Storm, Busy Crew"

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

TREMONTON - February 10, 2023

“It may not have been the biggest storm we have had, but it was a pretty good one.” So said Tremonton mayor, Lyle Holmgren, about the end of January blizzard that closed roads and kept Public Works employees pushing white over three days.

Tremonton has about 45 miles of road to tend to, which means at least 90 miles of snow removal during a storm, according to Holmgren. “We had nine employees plowing beginning on Sunday morning about 12:30 a.m., and they were back at it at 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.,” Holmgren said. “We are really proud of them and the job they did.”

Although there was a foot or more white powder on the ground as a result of the storm, the snow was not the villain in this case, he continued. “It was a light snow that fell and then we had winds at 23 to 25 mph, straight from the north.”

That wind resulted in heavy drifts, especially over the east and west bound roadways. Rocket Road on the south side of the city had such heavy drifting, crews closed it for a while until Box Elder County crews with heavier equipment could come in and push some of the snow back.

Holmgren said the city’s snow removal crew worked well with Tremonton Garland Police Department to make sure those stranded in the heavy snow and drifts were able to be rescued. “They were there to help someone who had gone off the road and to make sure health and safety weren’t threatened.”

While this last storm may be the end of this winter’s big show, more snow is predicted in the coming weeks. Holmgren urges residents to be mindful of the job required of snowplow drivers and keep trucks and cars off the roadways when the weather turns to flakes.

“Vehicles parked on the roadside make it difficult for them,” he said. “It would help everyone if the cars were off the road. They can just do their job better.”


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