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NEWS – “Box Elder School District under fire for a registered sex offender’s volunteer work”

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre – March 9, 2021

Jeremy Rose - Courtesy photo

CLARIFICATION - March 10, 2021

The current status of Jeremy Rose's parole or probation is not mentioned in this article and is not the issue in question here.

The issue in question is his current ACTIVE status with Utah's Sex Offender Registry and the restrictions offenders are under - regardless of his parole or probation status. posted this article to inform the community that an actively registered sex offender with the state of Utah recently performed volunteer work at Bear River High School.

It was never stated in the article that Jeremy Rose was incompliant with any terms or conditions of his parole or probation or his restrictions with Utah's Sex Offender Registry.

According to an email to from Kaitlin Felset with the Utah Department of Corrections, "Mr. Rose is not on supervision by the State of Utah. The Utah Department of Corrections is not in charge of actively monitoring an offender's compliance once he or she is registered unless the offender is being actively supervised by Adult Probation and Parole... Ensuring any non-supervised offender is registered and monitoring compliance is the responsibility of local law enforcement agencies."

Listed on that registry are the Nov. 24, 2014 convictions of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor – a second degree felony and Voyeurism – a third degree felony. Rose also has one federal charge of Possession of Child Pornography, with a conviction date of Nov. 15, 2017.

According to the Utah Department of Corrections, Utah laws regulating registered sex offenders, offenders must register for 10 years following the date of termination of the sentence for the following convictions:

1. Kidnapping

2. Voyeurism

3. Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Minor

4. Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a 16 or 17-year old

5. Forcible Sexual Abuse

6. Incest

7. Lewdness (4 convictions required for registration)

8. Sexual Battery (4 convictions required for registration)

9. Lewdness Involving a Child

10. Aggravated Human Trafficking

11. Custodial Sexual Relations (if victim was under 18 years of age)

12. Sexual Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult

13. Sexual abuse of a minor

14. Attempting, soliciting, or conspiring to commit any felony offense listed above (or in the "life" list below)

Registered sex offenders in Utah are governed by certain constraints as far as where they can travel, how often they must update their information on the registry and, for some offenders, inviting a child to accompany them anywhere. Below are some specifics regarding Utah's law:

• The five protected zones off-limits for those convicted of a crime against a minor:

1. Licensed daycares or preschools

2. Swimming pools open to the public

3. Public or private primary/secondary schools (not on grounds of a correctional facility)

4. Community park open to the public

5. Playground open to the public stands behind the truthfulness and validity of this article.

Publisher's note: Journalists serve to inform citizens, through investigating and reporting, what is happening in their community. A journalists' first obligation is to the truth but are also obligated to become the watchdogs for the communities they serve - and that goes for small town journalism as well.

I respect the truth and whatever the consequences may be to myself or the amount of backlash I will receive - because the public has a right to know what is happening in their community. I have an obligation to this community to do that." - Cari Doutre, The Valley Headliner -, Owner/Publisher

"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations." - George Orwell

An investigation is currently underway with the Weber County Sheriff’s Department regarding a former Tremonton Police officer with an active status on Utah’s Sex Offender Registry and his recent involvement as a volunteer at Bear River High School.

Jeremy Rose, 44, is a registered with Utah’s Sex Offender Registry for his 2014 conviction on two counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor – second degree felonies and two counts of Voyeurism – third degree felonies. Rose is a former Tremonton Police officer and spent 12 years on the department before his arrest in 2013.

Rose was sentenced in Ogden’s Second District Court in November 2014 and spent 270 days in the Weber County Jail with work release to continue inpatient sex offender therapy and was ordered to complete 60 hours of community service. In addition, a permanent criminal stalking injunction was signed by Judge Scott Hadley prohibiting Rose from contacting the victim in this case – a female minor.

Charges against Rose didn’t end there.

Working together with the FBI, federal charges from the Department of Justice were also filed against Rose. A federal grand jury returned an indictment on three counts of Production of Child Pornography, Possession of Child Pornography and Coercion and Enticement against Rose in December 2015 and in November 2017.

Rose was sentenced in U.S. District Court on those federal charges. He was placed on federal probation for five years by Judge Robert Shelby.

According to Utah’s Sex Offender Registry, it states conditions for sex offenders for individuals with offenses involving a minor under the age of 18 must “Not enter places or events where children congregate, including but not limited to: schools, playgrounds, parks, arcades, parties, family functions, holiday festivities, or any other place where children are present or reasonably expected to be present without the prior written approval of parole officer or the supervision of a responsible adult previously approved in writing by parole officer.” Sex Offender Group A Conditions (

Find that information in full below.

As part of Rose’s 2017 sentencing, the judge reserved the ability to put Rose behind bars for 10 years if he failed to comply with his probationary terms.

And now a complaint has been made to law enforcement regarding Rose’s volunteer work at and those restrictions as a registered sex offender after his name was listed on the back of a production program for Bear River High’s recent “Tuck Everlasting” school play.

That program lists Rose as a member of the production team with the title Foam Master. The production ended March 1, 2021 but several individuals directly involved in that production have confirmed that Rose was on campus volunteering while students were present.

Story continues below...

Box Elder School District, Bear River High and the Tremonton Garland Police Department have not released details regarding when complaints were first lodged, or the amount of time Rose spent volunteering on campus and his involvement with the school’s production.

Box Elder School District Superintendent Steven Carlsen declined an interview with instead he released the following statement to on Thursday, March 4, 2021.

“Sometime this weekend I was made aware of a situation at Bear River High School with a volunteer. By Tuesday afternoon Box Elder School District made the decision that we do not have to have any reason to not allow a volunteer work on our campuses. That information was relayed from the principal to the volunteer. Box Elder School District is going to reevaluate our policies and training procedures to make sure all employees are aware of how volunteers can be used to help our students be successful.” - Steven Carlsen

In Box Elder School District policy number 3035 it states, “a qualifying volunteer is a volunteer who will be given significant unsupervised access to a student in connection with the volunteer’s assignment.”

The policy later adds, “qualifying volunteers seeking employment with the School District and who are 18 years of age or older shall sign a written release, waiver and authorization which authorize the School District to request information from the prospective employee's past three employers and supervisors. The release, waiver and authorization shall also authorize the School District to contact former employers to obtain a reference check and to conduct a background search into the employee's criminal record, if any, or any other background check as the School District deems necessary to satisfy itself of the quality and competence of the prospective employee's credentials.”

Find that policy in full below.

Administrators at Bear River High have not released any statements or details regarding this case. Bear River High Principal AJ Gilmore politely declined an interview with

Tremonton Garland Police Chief Kurt Fertig stated that because of Rose’s former employment with the department, a conflict of interest has been declared adding, “we referred the complaint to Weber County Sheriff’s office.”

Fertig stated that this is an ongoing investigation for authorities in Weber County.


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