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NEWS - "Deputies contain disorderly man at Crystal Hot Springs"

HONEYVILLE - August 30, 2021

Box Elder County Sheriff's deputies were call to an incident at Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville on Monday, August 30, just before 1 p.m., and found a 30-year-old disorderly male behaving strangely.

Upon their arrival, deputies attempted to talk to the man and calm the situation, but he would not cooperate and ran from deputies. The individual then jumped into one of the pools in his attempt to escape. When he finally exited the pool, he fled again, but deputies were able to wrestle him to the ground and, after a brief scuffle, restrain him without injury.

The man was then taken to Bear River Valley Hospital where he was evaluated. It is believed he was under the influence of a mixture of substances at the time of the incident. He was admitted to the hospital and left in the care of medical staff.

The Box Elder County attorney is reviewing the case and formal charges against the man, whose last known residence is Honeyville, are pending.


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