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NEWS - "Everybody gets a mask! 'A Mask for Every Utahn' initiative announced"

UTAH – By Cari Doutre – April 29, 2020

The news may not have been as exciting as Oprah’s historic new car giveaway on her talk show in 2004, but the state of Utah announced yesterday that they’re giving away free medical masks to those that need one.

Unlike those “free” cars Oprah gave to every member of her studio audience (in the end recipients of the cars had to pay taxes on them), recipients of Utah’s free medical masks really are free – but there’s still a few catches with this deal.

On Tuesday, April 28, the state of Utah announced their newest initiative, “A Mask for Every Utahn” to help provide Utah residents with a cloth face mask. The state is strongly recommending that all residents wear a covering over their mouths and noses when out in public to help prevent further spreading of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

“Please, when you’re in public places, wear a mask. Doing so will help protect you and others as we work to keep Utah healthy and safe,” the state of Utah urged.

“‘A Mask for Every Utahn’ is a state of Utah initiative, in partnership with the Utah Manufacturers Association, to help Utahns who may not have a face mask and are returning to the workplace or going out in public,” the website stated. Story continues below...

This partnership with the Utah Manufacturers Association is a local effort with manufacturing facilities throughout the state and will support the continuation of 200 jobs in Utah, the state added.

“Masks will also be available for free to underserved populations through local emergency management centers, nonprofits serving the homeless and delivering the meals to the hungry, and through grocery stores willing to distribute masks to customers,” the state of Utah added on their website.

Wearing a face mask in public is not a mandatory requirement by the state, but some businesses or public places can require individuals to wear one before entering establishments. Story continues below...

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The state of Utah will provide one mask to each resident that needs one, but added that they “particularly welcome” orders from those who either don’t already have a face mask, aren’t able to make a face mask or get one from someone, and aren’t able to purchase a face mask.

“Priority for receiving masks will go to workers who request masks and will soon be returning to work,” the website added.

To order a mask, click on the link here and fill out an online order form. Only one shipment will be sent to each Utah residence and there is a maximum of six masks per Utah residential address. Masks will be mailed only to Utah addresses.

Expect to receive those masks in one to three weeks after order requests are submitted online. Since the announcement of this initiative, reports of heavy website traffic have crashed the state’s website. Check back often if online ordering isn’t working.

When your all new, Utah made mask does arrive, share your coronavirus mask pictures using the hashtag #MaskUtah

For more information on COVID-19 in Utah, click on the link here


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