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NEWS – “Fire at West Liberty Foods forces evacuations; injuries reported”

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre – October 2, 2020

October 2, 2020 - Photo courtesy of Garland Fire Department

An early morning fire at West Liberty Foods, 705 N. 2000 W., in Tremonton resulted in an evacuation of nearby homes and injured three employees.

According to local authorities, the fire started in West Liberty Foods’ boiler room around 5:30 a.m. at one of the buildings located on the north west part of the business. The fire did not spread to other buildings as fire crews were able to contain the blaze. The boiler room houses oil used to heat up materials processed at the business.

Homes along 2100 W. in Tremonton were evacuated on both sides of the road near the fire for a couple of hours as a precaution.

According to residents living near the fire, they heard a loud hissing noise followed by an explosion at West Liberty Foods.

Fire crews from Tremonton, Garland, Fielding and Brigham City responded to the blaze.

It is estimated that the fire caused $1.5 million in damage.

According to West Liberty Food’s website, the company was formed in 1996 with their Tremonton facility opening in 2007. The company packages and processes meat for the foodservice and retail industry.

Photo by John Hurley
Photo by John Hurley


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