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NEWS - "Five police vehicles damaged during pursuit, BC man arrested"

BRIGHAM CITY - By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist, April 2, 2022

A Brigham City man was booked into the Box Elder County Jail following a chase that started at the city sports complex and ended at MM 357 on I-15 with an arrest.

According to Brigham City Police Chief Chad Reyes, 47-year-old Brandon Chappell, first approached a man and his son walking their dog at the park about 3 p.m. The victims said he appeared to be having a mental episode and made aggravated threats toward them, including using a weapon, although one was not shown.

The two were able to escape and headed to the police station to make a report. On the way they flagged down a Brigham policeman and reported the incident. The officer went to the park, where he found Chappell sitting in his vehicle. When the officer approached, Chappell fled the scene and the officer engaged in a pursuit.

He was joined by another officer and the two were able to stop the driver on Forest Street. As they exited their patrol vehicles, Chappell put his car in reverse and rammed one of the cars before fleeing again. Both officers were able to get out of the way and were not injured.

Reyes said the chase continued through Brigham City and then into Perry before heading out to I-15. Brigham City was joined by officers from Mantua, Perry and Willard, as well as a Box Elder County deputy and a Utah Highway Patrol trooper.

Chappell continued southbound at speeds that reached up to 105 mph and rammed three more police cars before officers were able to box him in and take him into custody. Inside the police vehicle, the man then “head-butted” the glass and shattered the window before being subdued.

He was taken to the Brigham City Hospital for evaluation before going to jail.

Reyes said Chappell, who damaged five vehicles during the pursuit, faces four counts of aggravated assault against a police officer, a felony fleeing charge, and threats against life or property for the initial encounter at the park.

“We are just grateful and blessed that no one was hurt during this whole thing,” Reyes added.

The southbound freeway was closed for a short time during the pursuit at the request of UHP.


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