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NEWS - "For training purposes only"

GARLAND - By Cari Doutre - June 11, 2020

Sponsored coverage of this event is provided by Harris Market, 86 S. Main St., Garland. Thank you, Harris Market for supporting local journalism and businesses in the Bear River Valley!

No need to worry, this was just a drill - or a training exercise to be exact.

On Thursday, June 11, the Garland Fire Department performed a controlled burn on an older house located on East Factory St.

Led by Garland City Fire Chief Rob Johnson, it took about an hour before flames became visible to a crowd of people enjoying the sight. While the fire started quickly, smoke also quickly exited the house.

Garland City Mayor Todd Miller was asked to throw in the match. Inside of the house it was filled with accelerant, paper and other items to keep the blaze going.

Many of those that watched the blaze from across the street shared memories of the home and stories with others. Most recently, however, the house has been uninhabitable for years due to flood damage, mold and electrical issues.

Russell Cellular, a Verizon Wireless authorized retailer with a location in Tremonton, (140 E. Main St.) took this opportunity to express gratitude to local firefighters. The business provided dinner through a partnership with Domino's Pizza in Tremonton for firefighters as part of an service to give back to the community. They've also recently donated and provided meals to healthcare workers at Bear River Valley Hospital in Tremonton and the Tremonton/Garland Police Department.

Garland City owned the house and has a plan for what's next. That property will become a road entrance to the Garland City park from the southeast side.

Photo coverage by Cari Doutre/The Valley Headliner -


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