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NEWS - "Fowl mood makes for great auction"

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

BOX ELDER COUNTY - November 23, 2021

The Box Elder County Junior Turkey Show and Auction was held at the fairgrounds on Tuesday night, November 23, and bids were flying like feathers as one turkey after another went on the auction block.

Auctioneer Reed Stokes kept the numbers climbing and local businesses, as well as family and friends, were on hand to increase the bidding on the birds raised by local 4-H and FFA turkey farmers. Over $17,000 was the final count for the total sales.

In the end the highest selling bird went to Daxtin Dallin’s reserve champion hen, which sold for $925. But everyone in the barn was a winner, from the sellers to the buyers, who were able to take home fresh fowl for their Thanksgiving feast.

All photos by John Hurley


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