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NEWS – “‘It is timeless and it hurts’ Fire destroys historic downtown Tremonton building”

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre – July 13, 2021

A historic building on the corner of 100 West and Main Street is no longer standing after a devastating fire on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, brought it to rubble. At the time of the fire the building housed three salons on the ground level, Rustic Roots, The Beauty Box and Silver Sage Salon. There were also residential apartments located above those businesses.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. Authorities have not released details on exactly how many residents were living in those apartments at the time of the fire or if any injuries have been reported.

Fire departments from Tremonton, Garland, Brigham City and several other local fire departments responded to the blaze with fire-fighting efforts on the ground and with ladder trucks.

Despite those efforts to save the building, it was determined that it was a total loss and has been knocked down. Fire crews will continue to work throughout the night to extinguish the fire completely. Surrounding businesses and residential areas have been evacuated and roads are closed in the vicinity as firefighters continue their work.

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According to Tremonton City in a July 13, Facebook post, current extreme drought conditions are also a cause for concern.

“In efforts to save the Daryl Building and other adjoining buildings, fire crews were using around 3000 gpm on the fire for 3.5 hours. Currently, the water system is holding its own although it has taken a hit to our already low water supply,” the city stated.

“We ask that all city residents skip watering their lawns and do all they can to conserve water for the next two days to help our city’s drinking water supply return to previous levels. We appreciate the communities support in helping not only those directly affected by the fire with loss of home and business, but also for your water conservation so that we will continue to have drinking water through the hottest months of the summer during this current drought,” the city added.

The Daryl Building, located at the corner of 100 West and Main Street in Tremonton, was built in 1930. For over 90 years the building transformed throughout the years but the iconic “19 DARYL BUILDING 30” withstood the test of time.

In an October 2020 Facebook post by Tremonton’s Lyle Holmgren (shared with with permission), the building was built by his grandparents, David and Hilda Holmgren.

“Their youngest son, Daryl, who was only six years old, succumbed to polio, a serious disease of paralysis that affected many families in the 20th century. When he died, the family had already begun construction of a building on the corner of 1st West and Main Street in Tremonton. The idea was to create a more retail and office space downstairs and apartments upstairs for a growing community. It seemed only natural to name it after him, as a remembrance. Across the front of the building is written, ’19 DARYL BUILDING 30.’ So, there it stands, a discreet reminder of the sorrow felt long ago by parents who lost their son to polio,” Holmgren wrote.

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