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NEWS – “Jury Trial Set in Tremonton Double Shooting Case”

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BRIGHAM CITY – By Cari Doutre, Headliner Publisher, March 10, 2023

A 3-day jury trial will take place March 15-17, in Brigham City, in the August 31, 2022, double shooting in Tremonton that left two victims critically injured.

Richard Barlow, 25, will stand trial in First District Court on two first-degree felony counts of attempted murder, three counts of felony discharge of a firearm and one misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed firearm.

According to charging documents, Barlow confronted two men at a warehouse near 800 W. 1000 N., in Tremonton, after discovering an electric bicycle was missing from his garage. Documents add that Barlow reportedly pulled a 9 mm handgun from his pocket during an argument with the two men, then proceeded to load the firearm and fired three rounds critically injuring the two.

Barlow, who is claiming self-defense as stated in a motion filed by his attorney Randall Richards, shot one man, then the other, then shot the first a second time when that man “came at him again.”

“He decided to shoot to protect himself,” the motion states.

One of the victims, according to court documents, begged Barlow to help him after the shootings but Barlow ignored him and left. A short time later it was reported that Barlow returned to the warehouse but when he saw that an ambulance was there “he knew they would be ok and went home.”

When police arrested Barlow at his home in Tremonton, charging documents state that Barlow initially denied any involvement with the shootings but later admitted to shooting the two men. Charging documents filed by the Tremonton Garland Police Department add that Barlow allegedly admitted that “the two never rushed at him, did not touch him and that he did not see any weapon.”

In a motion filed by the Box Elder County Attorney's Office in First District Court in January, it grants immunity to one of the victims to testify at Barlow’s jury trial and any related hearings leading up to the trial. In the motion it adds that this measure will allow the victim to testify “without fear or incriminating himself on any other allegations or cases.”

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