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NEWS - "Last Call" honors Tremonton's longtime fire chief

The Bear River Valley lost a great man and a dedicated firefighter with the passing of Steve Batis on February 1. He served the community and the county for 40 years.

TREMONTON - Headliner Staff, February 12, 2022

Steve Batis, husband, father and dedicated firefighter, lost his battle with cancer on February 1, 2022. On Friday, February 11, the communities and fire departments who were witness to his dedicated service to the city and county he loved, united to pay tribute to the man who led by example. Here is what some of those fellow firefighters and friends had to say:

It was an honor to work side by side with you, Chief Batis, and improve Emergency Services in Box Elder County.

You carried a legacy that left an impression on everyone who was lucky enough to meet you. You were always in it for the community and making sure everyone was taken care of.

We hope to do you as proud as you have done us and the fire service.

Gone but never forgotten. May we carry your passion, dedication and pick up where you left off. Thank you just isn't enough. We hope it's nothing but smiles up there, Chief.

Garland Fire Department

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Photo courtesy Lisa Miller Baugh

Batis' fellow firefighters took the opportunity to pay tribute to the man who was a mentor to many of them. Photo courtesy Ashley Wright

The passing of Chief Batis is a loss felt throughout the firefighting community.

I had the opportunity to coordinate with Steve building strong working relations between our departments and also as a tester with UFRA.

After serving the community for so many years, he certainly earned retirement years that were cut too short.

The experience and knowledge he shared with many will carry on.

Rest easy, brother, we’ll take it from here.

CBEFD Assistant Chief Jordon Andersen, Honeyville

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“(With Steve) It was about us moving forward and improving. I know that when we went out on an incident we didn’t have to worry when Steve was in charge. He took his job and our jobs very seriously. Safety measures were always in place. Things were always taken care of.”

Jim Hess, Fellow Tremonton Firefighter (retired)

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The marquee at the Box Elder County Fairgrounds spoke volumes and echoed the feelings of many Tremonton residents. Photo courtesy Michael Allen

“Steve was a good chief, a good leader. Whether it was on the ambulance or on a fire, he was right there to help out when needed and mentor. He was always watching out for us.”

Mike Allen, Fellow Tremonton Firefighter

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The funeral procession on Friday, February 11, showed the level of respect afforded to Batis, who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 62. Photo courtesy of Garland Fire Department

The alarm is sent out, there is an emergency in our community, someone is in desperate need, and the Tremonton Fire Department responds.

There is also something really special about people who show up to help someone who is having the worst day of their life. That can be said of many, but it is especially true of Steve Batis.

There is also something very special about a person who can volunteer four decades of their life serving their community. He exemplified the Fire Fighters code of serving and protecting life and property.

I always remember Steve’s smile and his professionalism.

Our hearts go out to Steve’s wife, George Ann, and their daughters, Stevie Jo and Lebriann, and their families. Their demonstrated love for Steve and for each other will not be forgotten.

Lyle Holmgren

Tremonton City Mayor

Friday was "last call" for Tremonton's longtime fire chief, Steve Batis.



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