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NEWS - "Motorcyclist recovering from injuries during Golden Spike Rodeo accident"

TREMONTON – By Cari Doutre – August 31, 2020

Spectators in the stands at the Box Elder County fairgrounds during the 2020 Golden Spike Rodeo were shocked to witness a scary accident on Friday, August 28, that led to serious injuries for one of the night's specialty act performers.

During the rodeo’s specialty act featuring Cowboy Kenny’s Steel Rodeo Tour, JJ Romans, a motorcyclist performing a stunt on a ramp, missed his landing and crashed while thousands of spectators watched it happen.

“JJ Romans had a pretty gnarly digger on a flip,” stated Cowboy Kenny’s Steel Rodeo Tour on their Facebook page.

Volunteers and members of the tour quickly took action and performed life-saving procedures on Romans right there on the rodeo arena grounds. Romans was then taken by ambulance to McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden for further medical treatment.

According to Cowboy Kenny’s Steel Rodeo Tour, Romans broke seven ribs and had a collapsed lung from the force of the accident and landing. He underwent surgery to place a plate and screws on his broken ribs. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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JJ Romans - Photo courtesy of Cowboy Kenny's Steel Rodeo Tour

“Everyone was absolutely incredible to us from the committee to volunteers to the fans and everyone in between,” said Cowboy Kenny’s Steel Rodeo Tour in a statement to

“We really appreciate the love and support that we have received,” the statement added.

Soon after the accident a local community member in Box Elder County quickly put together a GoFundMe account for donations to help Romans with medical bills and his path to recovery.

Fans also went the extra step to show another form of support for Romans – a handmade banner with well wishes and words of encouragement.

“With 42 years combined riding, we have never seen fans make a get-well banner,” Cowboy Kenny’s Steel Rodeo stated on a Facebook post.

The banner was delivered to Romans by a member of the tour where they added, “He was stoked to say the least. I would say a choked up very heart felt thank you.”

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Photo courtesy of Cowboy Kenny's Steel Rodeo Tour

A GoFundMe account for Romans was set up by a Garland resident Sheena Hansen and has already received over $1,400 in donations in the first two days.

“He is facing a difficult recover. We would like to show JJ that Box Elder County residents support him and are cheering him on,” Hansen wrote on the GoFundMe account.

To make a donation, click on the link below to Romans’ GoFundMe account.

“Many live events brag about having the best fans in the world and I have to give a shout out to Tremonton, Utah fans who went above and beyond,” stated the tour on Facebook.


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