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NEWS - “Police follow up on additional tips, schools searched”

GARLAND - By Ellen Cook, Headliner Media Specialist, December 13, 2021

Schools in the north end of the Box Elder School District were closed on Monday, December 13, as the Tremonton Garland Police Department follow up on a number of tips received late Sunday night.

Police Chief Nick Nessen said a handful of concerned citizens notified his office after 10 p.m., over messages that had been viewed on Facebook and Snapchat during the day. As officers continue to review that information, it was the district’s decision to close all schools “as a precaution.”

Nessen said bomb dogs have been brought in and are in the process of searching the schools to make sure they are cleared. The high school has been completed and Bear River Middle School is now being examined. He said dogs will also be taken to Harris Intermediate School, “as we try to get everything squared away.”

He also noted that his department is making progress and detectives have interviewed several suspects and searched some homes over the past few days. That has helped eliminate some possible suspects “but not everybody has been eliminated,” he added.


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