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NEWS - "Results are in!"

BOX ELDER COUNTY - November 4, 2021

The ballots have been officially counted in the 2021 general election. Box Elder County released official election results on Thursday, November 4, for the 2021 Municipality Election. Find those official results HERE or posted below. Find preliminary election results coverage previously posted by on the article link below.

NEWS - "Preliminary results are in; Some old, some new faces as voters have their say in 2021" (

The hottest race of the election in northern Box Elder County went to Garland City with their mayoral race between incumbent Todd Miller and Linda Bourne. Final results report Bourne at 297 votes and Miller at 243

Also in Garland City, Jeanette Atkinson (376 votes) and Steven Peacock (264 votes) were elected to serve 4-year city council terms. Kevin Stay brought in 226 votes. Incumbent Chuck Bingham took home the most votes in Garland City's 2-year council seat race with 203 votes. Write-in votes were 160. Jessica Olsen was the only official write-in candidate. Elizabeth Potter had 122 votes.

In Tremonton City, Lyle Holmgren, running unopposed for Tremonton City Mayor, had a total of 889 votes and will take over as the city's next mayor in January 2022. Incumbent Bret Rohde, running for city council had a total of 749 votes while write-in candidates garnered 710 votes total. Those votes have not yet been separated out in the counting process.

In Bear River City, Megan Armstrong was unopposed in her bid for Mayor and garnered 213 votes. Joshua Dallin (210) and Riggin Holmgren (174) beat out Clinton Armstrong (68).

In Corinne, Shane D. Baton (151) bested Patty Tillman (36) for the mayoral position. Named to the two vacant council seats were Ann Whitaker (119) and Curtis Hansen (101), over Wade Layton (81) and Danna Hutchison (57).

Lesley Kendrick (111) will fill the mayor seat in Deweyville. Nathan Spackman (92) and Leslie Wheatley (76) bested Bunny Jo Barnett (46) and Kaysie Wilcox (14) to earn spots at the council table.

In Honeyville, with no opposition, Boyd Bingham (360) will stay on as mayor. Bruce Nelson (273) will fill one vacancy on the council. David Hougaard (199) edged past Kory Wilde (186) in the Thursday count to fill the other seat. Wilde was ahead in the first tally.

Portage voters put Max Huggins (96) in the lead over Grant Smith (19) in the mayoral race and Tyson Nelson (96) and Lesley Smith (56) step into the council positions unopposed.

Wendi Barker (99) won the mayor title in Plymouth handily over Thomas Provins (16) and Burke Udy (99) and Jess Marshall (90) got the nod from voters over Charles Wilson (25)

In other county elections:

Brigham City


  • Dennis Bott (2,726)

(2) Council:

  • Ryan Smith (1,989)

  • Matthew Jensen (1,960)

  • Thomas Peterson (1,890)



  • Terry Nelson (304)

  • Joseph Bach (222)

(2) Council:

Karen Nelson (295)

Jared Jeppsen (291)

Eric Ellis (202)

Blake Marsh (197)

(1) Council: *** Change in lead from first count

Justin Brown (258)

Pam Eaves (243)



Kevin Jeppsen (1,114)

(2) Council:

  • David Walker (998)

  • Ashley Young (657)

  • Esther Montgomery (589)



  • Tavis Mote (433)

  • Kenneth Braegger (304)

(2) Council:

  • Rodney Mund (505)

  • Michael Braegger (424)

  • Jordan Hulsey (387)

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