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NEWS – “Three retire from Tremonton Fire Department”

TREMONTON – December 7, 2020


Tremonton City Fire Chief Steve Batis has retired after 40 years serving Tremonton and surrounding communities in the local EMS and fire service field. Batis joined the department in 1980 and grew a great interest and love for community service.

He was hired at Thiokol in their fire department in 1983 and continued his EMS/fire certifications and gained a Fire Science degree from Utah Valley University. Batis spent many years testing other departments and building great friendships throughout the state. He moved up through Tremonton Fire department ranks alongside the many dedicated members.

Serving as Tremonton City Fire Chief the past 16 years, Batis led and grew the department through many challenges and changes to meet the growing demands of public safety and emergency services. Batis gives credit to the men and women in the department for their dedication and family sacrifices for running the department self-sufficiently without city funding for all these years.

Batis and his wife George Ann will always treasure all the unforgettable memories, friendships and adventures this path in their lives has given them. He would like to thank the citizens and businesses of this great community for the many years of their support.


Captain Jim Hess retires after serving 26 years of dedicated commitment to Tremonton Fire Department with endless service to protect and serve the community. Jim joined the fire department in 1994 after watching department members struggle with multiple wildfires referred to as “The Year of the Big Burn.” He wanted to learn more first aid and saw an opportunity to serve Tremonton citizens while improving his skills.

Hess was recruited and mentored by Tremonton Fire Department stalwart, Cole Westergard. Hess has had the opportunity to serve the department as a firefighter/AEMT, Training Lieutenant and Training Captain, He was able to establish a recruit academy and teach EMT and fire classes to interested community members. He has enjoyed being a community CPR/first aid instructor for 22 years and merit badge counselor for 26 years.

Serving his community and doing what he loved helped him with career change, joining the ATK Fire Department. Hess has enjoyed being mentored and supported by great department members, many of which have retired from public service. One of his greatest rewards is to have joined so many selfless responders who willingly gave up family time, special occasions and holiday dinners to take care of their neighbors in need.


Mike Chadwick retires after serving 28 years of dedicated commitment to the Tremonton Fire Department with endless service to protect and serve the community. Chadwick joined the department in 1992 after his family was involved in a serious auto accident Tremonton Fire Department responded to and felt it was something that he could do to give back to help others.

He gained his EMS and Fire certifications and grew a passion for the service as a volunteer he made Fire/EMS his full-time career at Thiokol. Chadwick and his wife Joan have enjoyed being involved in the department and with the members throughout the many years.


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