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NEWS - "Tickets, anyone? UHSAA and BRHS requiring tickets and tracking at all events"

BEAR RIVER HIGH – By Cari Doutre – August 20, 2020

Planning on going to watch your favorite high school athlete compete this fall? Don’t forget your tickets because the Utah High School Activities Association, and all Utah high schools, will be checking and tracking all attendees.

The cancellation of all high school spring sports last season was Utah’s response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Five months later the UHSAA is allowing fall 2020 sports to resume on time but with strict guidelines and safety precautions to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19.

Utah was the first state in the country to resume high school sports in early August and fall sports at Bear River High School are already in full swing.

“We really are kind of lucky,” said Bear River High School Vice-Principal Clay Chournos about Utah resuming high school sports.

High schools in Utah were given a few options on resuming high school sports. Those options range from no activities at all to resuming all activities – but with restrictions and strict guidelines that must be met. Bear River High has decided to resume all activities while meeting those guidelines.

The UHSAA released those guidelines on July 28. Find them HERE or attached below this article.

There is one very important rule that all participants are required to follow by state law - wearing a mask or face covering to these events is mandated. And there's no way around it. Find more information on that mandate HERE.

“People must be willing to follow the rules,” Chournos said.


Bear River High must document and keep track of everyone who attends a UHSAA sanctioned event for every single game or event, just in case an outbreak of COVID-19 occurs. The school must be able to contact and identify those that could have been exposed.

Bear River High has the right to limit the amount of attendees at games or events as they see fit. The Bear River Health Department can also limit attendance at high school events. Or, the state can shut everything down and close schools and cancel high school sports – just as they did in March.

“It could all go away if there’s an outbreak,” Chournos warned.


High school events that require a paid ticket to attend (such as varsity football or volleyball games), Bear River High will be using a new online ticketing system. When purchasing tickets as a family unit, only one account is necessary. However, high school students must create their own account and obtain separate tickets to attend events.

Here’s how it works:

- Go to and click on the TICKETS tab on the upper right hand corner of the screen

- Select the event you want to attend

- Buy tickets

- Sign in and/or create an account

- Verify your account via email

- Select your desired seating section (visitor or home side)

- Enter the amount of tickets purchasing

- Check out and pay

Once tickets are purchased either print off the QR code or receipt for your tickets or save it to your phone or device. Present that ticket to the game or event where it will be scanned and sit in your designated section.

Don’t have an account or tickets purchased in advance? Here’s how to get tickets at the game or event:

- Attendees wishing to purchase tickets at all Bear River High football games must go to the northeast gate at the football field (visitor’s side of the field near the LDS Seminary building)

- must fill out the same forms found online when purchasing tickets that includes their name, contact information, seating section, etc. This process can be lengthy but is required by Bear River High School, the Bear River Health Department and UHSAA.

- Pay for tickets. Card payments are strongly encouraged but cash will be accepted. State health guidelines must be met for ticket handlers when handling cash payments.

- Once tickets are obtained attendees must then go to the designated gate to enter the Bear River High football field to scan their tickets for entrance.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to purchase tickets ahead of time.

“It would be very advantageous to you, and helpful to us, to purchase these tickets prior to coming to the game,” stated the Bear River High School administration in an August 17, 2020 email.


Sections of the Bear River High football stands have been divided up to make seating arrangements easier for tracking purposes and to meet safety standards and guidelines.

See the following map, provided by Bear River High, for those designated seating sections.

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Map courtesy of Bear River High School


Students attending UHSAA sanctioned events have a different guideline and process to attend events. Students must create an account online at and obtain tickets for themselves only to events.

Student tickets are part of their registration fees and payments are not required to obtain tickets.

More information was emailed to parents and students in Box Elder School District.


- All paid event tickets are $6 for parents and fans

- Tickets for an event will be sold one week in advance

- Tickets are non-refundable

- Tickets are non-transferrable

- Attendees must stay in their seat/section

- Unsupervised children playing under bleachers or other high school areas will be asked to return to their seats or to leave school property

- MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL BEAR RIVER HIGH EVENTS! Masks are required at all times while attending events and to be admitted into the event.


There’s no way around Utah’s mandate – masks must be worn as per the Utah Department of Health. Further information on mask mandates can be found on the links below.


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