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NEWS - "Tremonton-Garland Officers Earn Recognition"

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

TREMONTON - December 14, 2022

The Tremonton-Garland Police Department recently held its awards ceremony for 2022, recognizing the department’s officers and the outstanding work performed during the past year. The following officers received accolades for their service to the community:

Unit Commendation Award (This award is given to members to recognize outstanding achievement or bravery by a work unit): In this incident officers ran into a burning building without hesitation to save innocent lives. As a result, multiple citizens were evacuated from the building and no life was lost.

Sergeant Kearl, Officer Sorensen and Detective Mortensen

Unit Commendation Award (This award is given to members to recognize outstanding achievement or bravery by a work unit.) In this incident, multiple members of Tremonton-Garland Police Department responded to a double shooting in Tremonton. Multiple police officers left their families in the middle of the night to run towards an unknown danger. Officers worked diligently to locate and arrest the suspect to assure those they serve remain safe.

Officers: Sorensen, Dean, Mortensen, Jorgensen, Hassard, Bartold, Kearl, Crockett and Cordova.

The Unit Commendation Award went to the officers involved in a double shooting in Tremonton. Courtesy Photo

Citizen's Award of Appreciation (presented to a citizen who provides outstanding assistance to the department in preventing crime; or apprehending criminals; or renders an outstanding heroic act at considerable personal danger to themself):


Lifesaving Medal (awarded to any department member for saving a human life. This award is intended for all members directly responsible for saving a human life):


Sergeant Gailey

Officer Bartold and Officer Sorensen

Officer Jorgensen, Officer Hassard and Officer Gilchrist


Officer Bartold and Deputy Martinez (Box Elder County Sheriff)

The Department Commendation Award (granted to any officer or civilian employee for an outstanding act of achievement).

Officer Hassard

Officer Hassard has taken on multiple roles and responsibilities for the betterment of this department. He has acted as a selfless leader and an example for others.

Secretary Buckway

Secretary Buckway has worked selflessly for this department. Secretary Buckway has taken on multiple responsibilities and always works diligently to care for our police officers.

Officer Hassard received the Department Commendation Award from Chief Cordova. Courtesy Photo

Tremonton City Police Award (designed to show appreciation for heroism or outstanding service by members of other law enforcement agencies who have acted in cooperation with this department: The Box Elder County Sheriff’s Department was recognized for a dedicated partnership with the Tremonton-Garland Police Department. This law enforcement agency consistently helps others in need. This department was recognized for its dedication and professionalism.

Box Elder County & Sheriff Potter

Box Elder County Sheriff Kevin Potter accepts the Temonton City Police Award from Chief Cordova. Courtesy Photo

Officer of the Year (This award is presented to a single officer who is chosen by his/her peers for outstanding teamwork and performance):

Officer Bartold

Officer Bartold was named Officer of the Year. The award recepient is selected by his or her peers and was presented by Chief Cordova. Courtesy Photo

Special Assignment / Promotions:

Instructor Pin (Officers who host in-service training for our department)

Sergeant Kearl

Officer Hassard

School Resource Officer (Officers who work and teach in local schools)

Officer Andrew

Officer Anderson was recognized for her work in local school as the School Resource Officer. Courtesy Photo

Field Training Officer (Officers who train new police officers)

Officer Hassard

Officer Bingham

Officer Lee

Officer Gilchrist

SWAT (Officers who participate in the joint Special Weapons and Tactics Team)

Detective Jorgensen


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