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NEWS - Two Injured as Motorcycle, Tractor Collide

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

BEAR RIVER CITY - October 5, 2022

A woman and a young child suffered injuries is an accident on 3600 West Wednesday morning, October 5, just before noon.

According to information from the Box Elder County Sheriff's office, A 35-year-old woman with a five-year-old male passenger was traveling northbound just south of 6250 N., when she attempted to pass a tractor at approximately 35 mph. The tractor was making a left-hand turn at the time and the motorcyle struck the tractor's front bucket.

Both the driver and the passenger, who were wearing helmets, were thrown from the bike. The woman sustained multiple broken bones, the child had road rash, scrapes and bruises. The driver of the tractor was not injured.

The injured parties were transported by private vehicle to an area hospital, the report said. Box Elder County Sheriff, Central Box Elder Fire and Tremonton Ambulance responded.

Photos courtesy Central Box Elder Fire District


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