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NEWS – “UDOT connects rural Box Elder County with access to free public Wi-fi”

BOX ELDER COUNTY – January 14, 2021

Howell, Utah - Photo courtesy of UDOT

Press Release - The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has installed a public Wi-Fi hotspot in Howell as part of the I-84 Fiber initiative to increase internet connectivity and digital access in rural communities. The hotspot, which is located at the United States Postal Service (USPS) office at 15970 North 17400 West in Howell, is now ready for public use. The public can utilize the hotspot inside and in the parking lot area.

Two additional Wi-Fi hotspots in Box Elder County located at the UDOT maintenance stations in Bothwell (8769 West 12000 North) and Snowville (28525 West 25600 North) will be active and ready for the public in the coming month with publicly accessible Wi-Fi in the parking areas. UDOT is in the final stages of installing a 42-mile fiber conduit system in Box Elder County to increase internet connectivity for communities and to enhance mobility and safety on Utah’s highways.

Utah legislators allocated $8 million of the CARES Act funding to UDOT to support the building of roadway fiber optic infrastructure, which will provide broadband connectivity in rural communities in Box Elder County for critical needs, including telemedicine, distance learning and telecommuting.


To connect to the secure public Wi-Fi hotspot in Howell: 1. Open your wireless settings. 2. Using your Wi-Fi-enabled device, connect to the Beehive Broadband Public Wi-Fi and launch your browser. The browser will redirect you to the Terms and Agreements page. 4. Click “Accept” on the Terms and Agreements. You are now connected to the hotspot and free to browse the internet.


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