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NEWS - "Water Levels Rising Along the Bear River"

Rich Holmgren, May 9, 2023 - Photo by John Hurley

PICTURED ABOVE: Rich Holmgren watches over his farmland along the Bear River as rising water levels flood the area. Photo by John Hurley

Bear River, May 2023 - Photo by Amy Jo Summers

BOX ELDER COUNTY - By Cari Doutre, Headliner Publisher, May 10, 2023

Snowmelt and increased reservoir releases have caused the Bear River's water levels to rise above its banks throughout Box Elder County in recent days. Nearby fields and other areas along the Bear River are under water as farmers and property owners keep a watchful eye on rising water levels.

After heavy snowfall throughout winter that carried on into April, above average snowpack levels have filled reservoirs, including Cutler Dam, in Box Elder County to the brim. Release from reservoirs and typical runoff into the Bear River is double what it normally is this time of year at approximately 8,900 cubic feet per second. Many low-lying areas adjacent to the river are experiencing severe flooding including farmland creating even more concerns for this largely agriculturally based region.

The National Weather Forecast office in Salt Lake City issued a flood warning for areas adjacent to the Bear River on May 8. With snow still covering the mountains along Utah, those flood warnings will remain in effect for several weeks.

Photos by John Hurley and Amy Jo Summers

Riverside/Collinston - Photo by John Hurley

Honeyville - Photo by Amy Jo Summers

Deweyville - Photo by John Hurley

Peterson Park, Elwood - Photo by Amy Jo Summers

Bear River - Photo by John Hurley

Photo by John Hurley

Hanson Park - Photo by Amy Jo Summers


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