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OPINION - "Small town sushi: The good, the bad and the ugly"

TREMONTON – By London Hillis – June 23, 2020

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So be cool and enjoy’s newest student reporter London Hillis’ latest restaurant review below.

Or even better, go support local businesses in the Bear River Valley and try Tremonton’s newest restaurant, Tamashi Sushi and Ramen Bar and try it out yourself.” – Cari Doutre, Owner/Publisher of The Valley Headliner –

Tamashi Sushi and Ramen Bar (472 W. Main St., Tremonton) is a new restaurant that opened up right before the state went into quarantine for COVID-19 (coronavirus).

As the name suggests, Tamashi Sushi and Ramen Bar sells sushi and ramen, along with a couple other Asian-American dishes.

The first time I ate sushi was when I was living on Maui when I was around seven years old. It was at a place called Genki Sushi and it had a conveyor belt that moved the sushi around all of the tables. The first time I had it I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world.

Taking my love of sushi to Tremonton’s newest sushi restaurant, I decided to try it out. I tried the beef ramen, Shrimp Lover roll, Rainbow roll, Pink Lady roll, Stuffed Tomato roll, Spider roll, Sashimi salad and lastly, the chicken teriyaki.

I personally thought that the best dishes were the ramen and the chicken teriyaki, and I absolutely love sushi - well, any fish really.

The Sashimi salad: I thought that this dish deserved a review because it was disappointing. Sashimi is not something that is normally good at inland sushi restaurants but I thought that it would be somewhat enjoyable to eat. I hate to be mean, but I was disappointed with the sashimi salad.

The fish wasn't the problem in the salad - it was the fact that it had ranch dressing on it. I should have asked for no dressing or dressing on the side.

I personally don't like the combination of sashimi and ranch but I'm sure other fish lovers do. The salad may have been disappointing, but the ramen was probably the best I've had! The ramen can seem unnerving at first because of the black fungus but if you just give it a try it will be amazing.

Tamashi Sushi and Ramen Bar was equally delicious as my first sushi restaurant only tasted with an older palette.

In the entire order we had 4 bowls of ramen, 6 special rolls, chicken teriyaki, and the sashimi salad the total came to $120.08.

Overall, the restaurant had excellent service and the ramen was amazing - but If you get the sashimi salad, ask for no ranch.

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