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SCHOOL - "2020 Hope of America winners announced"

BOX ELDER COUNTY – By Cari Doutre – June 19, 2020

There is still hope out there that one annual tradition has continued this year despite closed schools and quarantines.

The Tremonton Kiwanis Club presented their annual Hope of America awards to fifth and sixth grade students at northern Box Elder County schools last week - but with a few changes to accommodate COVID-19 (coronavirus) restrictions.

Instead of presenting the awards during school assemblies, or other traditional methods of recognizing students, individual schools made sure this year’s top male and female students were given the attention they deserve.

“Over 20 years ago, the Tremonton Kiwanis Club, believing that the strength of our nation was directly related to the strength of our schools and our students, started an awards program for fifth and sixth grade students in the elementary and intermediate schools,” stated Kiwanis Club President Zac Williams.

“This award is called the HOPE OF AMERICA. This award was created to honor outstanding students who demonstrated during the school year - leadership, good character, scholarship and a willingness to serve others,” he added. “The Kiwanis motto is ‘We Build.’ Our club honors those each year in our participating schools who are willing to ‘build’ a better tomorrow.”

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Reese Branch, daughter of Meagan and Willy Branch

“Reese Branch is a confident, kind leader. She leads by example. She gives 100% effort in all that she does, never makes excuses, and is a true friend to all. I love that girl!” – Tiffani Roche, Garland Elementary School – 5th grade teacher

Reese Branch - Garland Elementary School

Montel Larson, son of Rex and Shauna Larson

“Montel Larson is an outstanding student! He is incredibly smart. He always pushes himself to know and learn more. Montel loves to learn! He gives everything he does 100%. He is meticulous and careful and he always wants to do his very best. Montel is honest and trustworthy. He is extremely kind to other students and is friends with everyone. Montel leads by example. He is a great friend to all and encourages those around him to be their best. He has such an infectious positive attitude that makes our classroom a happier place to be. Way to go bud- we are proud of you!” - Petra Holst, Garland Elementary School – 5th grade teacher

Montel Larson - Garland Elementary School


Linkoln White, son of Riley and Jessica White

Linkoln White - Fielding Elementary School

Savanah Corbridge, daughter of Richard and Adella Corbridge

Savanah Corbridge - Fielding Elementary School


Benjamin Call, son of Jonathan and Adeline Call

Benjamin Call - North Park Elementary School

Izzy Bingham, daughter of Todd and Robyn Bingham

Izzy Bingham - North Park Elementary School


Rhett Anderson, son of Jason and Brooke Anderson

Rhett Anderson - McKinley Elementary School

Madalyn Pali, daughter of Mitch and Morgan Pali

Madalyn Pali - McKinley Elementary School


Jaxtin Nelson, son of Michael Nelson and Brittlyn Jaskowski

Jaxtin Nelson - Century Elementary School

Elizabeth Hales, daughter of Susan Hales and the late Scott Hales

Elizabeth Hales - Century Elementary School


Tucker Nielson, son of Adam and Stacy Nielson

Tucker Nielson - Harris Intermediate School

Padyn Richards, daughter of Tyson and Caylee Richards

Paydn Richards - Harris Intermediate School

Stephen Starnes, son of Jeffrey and Andrea Starnes

Stephen Starnes - Harris Intermediate School

Kathryn Hamson, daughter of Judd and Rebecca Hamson

Kathryn Hamson - Harris Intermediate School

Keri Smith Jr., son of Keri and Heidi Smith

Keri Smith Jr. - Harris Intermediate School

Taylie Call, daughter of Jared of Bryton Call

Taylie Call - Harris Intermediate School

Hailee Winward, daughter of Thane and Angelie Winward

Hailee Winward - Harris Intermediate School

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