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SCHOOL - "Bear River High's Class of 2021 brightest and best"

BEAR RIVER HIGH - By Cari Doutre - June 1, 2021

Bear River High Salutatorian and Valedictorian, Tanner Corbridge and Noelle Meeds - Photo by

While some events at Bear River High School traditionally stay the same year after year, generation after generation, their annual senior class awards ceremony is no longer one of them.

This year administrators at Bear River High decided to switch things up a bit compared to how they were done in years past. This year the Class of 2021 at Bear River High met on Monday, May 24, for an assembly during school hours to honor this year’s top graduating seniors. It was just one of the many changes to the awards ceremony.

One thing that did remain the same for 2021, was the presentation of the school’s top five awards of the year and the announcement of class Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Valedictorian for the Class of 2021 is Noelle Meeds, daughter of Cortney and Holly Meeds.

This year's 2021 Salutatorian at Bear River High is Tanner Corbridge, son of Richard and Adella Corbridge.

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Noelle Meeds and Tanner Corbridge - Photo by

Bear River High seniors Adam Hales and Kambree Adams were named the 2021 Outstanding Boy and Girl. Adam is the son of Allen and Kristi Hales and Kambree is the daughter of Kip and Michelle Adams.

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Adam Hales and Kambree Adams - Photo by

Jefferson Kowallis (son of Kendall and Kristen Kowallis) and Carisa Epling (daughter of Robert and ChrisDean Epling) were named 2021’s Students in Excellence.

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Carisa Epling and Jefferson Kowallis - Photo by

This year’s recipients of the 2021 Principal’s Award was presented to Robert Pedersen and Cami Jo Gibbs. Robert is the son of Jodi and Brent Pedersen and Cami Jo is the daughter of Casey and Amy Gibbs.

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Cami Jo Gibbs and Robert Pedersen - Photo by

Athletes of the Year for the Class of 2021 went to Kace Jones, son of Nathan and Rachel Jones, and Madison White, daughter of Jared and Kimberly White.

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Madison White and Kace Jones - Photo by

The recipients of the 2021’s Scholastic Athletes of the Year went to Jefferson Kowallis and Kenya Tomlinson, daughter of Morgan and Angela Tomlinson.

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Kenya Tomlinson and Jefferson Kowallis - Photo by

Honoring Bear River High’s past graduates with their annual Distinguished Alumni honor was one tradition that remained the same in 2021. Norm Fukui, a 1975 graduate of Bear River High, and Mike Ramsdell, a 1960 graduate of Bear River High School, were both presented with the 2021 Distinguished Alumni awards.

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Norm and Elaine Fukui - Courtesy photo
Mike Ramsdell - Courtesy photo

Bear River High, Class of 2021 - 4.0 students:

* Luz Aviles Romero

* Gabrielle Barton

* Kortnie Burton

* McCade Cefalo

* Rayden Coombs

* Tanner Corbridge

* Haylee Dimond

* Rilee Duke

* Anaiah Finlayson

* Adam Hales

* Brynne Hansen

* Jefferson Kowallis

* Taden Marble

* Noelle Meeds

* Madyson Mickelsen

* Braden Munns

* Carson Noorda

* Morgan Noyes

* Abigail Rhodes

* Olivia Taylor

* Kenya Tomlinson

* Madison White

More on Bear River High’s 2021 graduation events can be found on a previously posted article by on the link below.

Photos by Cari Doutre/

Principal's Award - Cami Jo Gibbs and Robert Pedersen
Outstanding Boy and Girl 2021 - Adam Hales and Kambree Adams
Students in Excellence 2021 - Jefferson Kowallis and Carisa Epling
Norm Fukui, Bear River High, May 24, 2021 - Photo by Cari Doutre
Bear River High Principal AJ Gilmore and Norm Fukui, May 24, 2021 - Photo courtesy of Donald Hawes
Bear River High Principal AJ Gilmore and Mike Ramsdell - Photo courtesy of Donald Hawes


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