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SCHOOL - "Bear River High to Host a Presentation on the Role of Parents in Athletics"

BEAR RIVER HIGH - By Cari Doutre, Headliner Publisher, July 25, 2022

Parents of all student/youth athletes in the community are invited to attend a presentation from the organization Proactive Coaching regarding a parent's role in athletics, hosted by Bear River High. The event will be held Monday, August 1, at 6:30 p.m. in the school's auditorium. This presentation is open to parents in the community with student athletes of all ages.

Guest speaker Rob Miller from Proactive Coaching will deliver a "straightforward message from athletes to their parents about how adults can help their athletic performance, create good memories and demonstrate respect from the perspective of young people. We will discuss the aspects of before, during and after competition with your son/daughter," according to Bear River High.

"Please come and join us in making youth athletics a positive experience for all," they added.

Proactive Coaching is an organization that "works with coaches, teams and leaders of industry to help intentionally create character-based team cultures, provide a blueprint for team leadership, develop confident, tough-minded, fearless competitors, and train leaders for excellence and significance," as stated on their website.


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